Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 4 - Pleasant Grove

We got the pool out again but this time put it under the slide at the fort. The boys put the hose down the slide and they would fly down the slide into the pool then jump on the tramp.

Braden liked to just play in the pool or sit at the top in the fort and play with the hose.

On Wednesday we met my friends Tiffany and Brooke and their kiddles at the Highland City Splash Park. We had such a good time playing in the sunshine and even a little rain. It is so fun to get together and to enjoy each other and our kids. We brought a picnic too. It was a really fun day.
Friday night we decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Auntie.  She was in China on her birthday and didn't feel celebrated by her family, so we celebrated her.  I blindfolded her when she got home from work and took her downstairs where Cami and the kids had decorated and showed surprise.  She opened presents and blew out candles on cupcakes. 

Braden liked to rearrange the candles once they were blown out
Then grandpa made homemade frozen yogurt, and Tanner was so excited when it was ready!
Saturday we went to the ward party at PG pool.  It was so much fun.  There wasn't very many of us there so we went up and down the slide a hundred times.  Everyone loved it.
Then Grandpa and Auntie jumped off the diving board.  Manda and I did it later, but there are no pics.

And, we just floated around having a nice time.

This whole week we had Avery here with us.  Uncle J and Aunt Dawn and Madolyn went on a cruise with Dawn's family, and Avery wasn't invited.  By the end of Monday night I had pretty much decided that I would not be having any more children, as 4 would do me in.  But by the end of the week we had figured out how to get along with each other, and it all ended up being okay. 

Brady just loves Avery and wants to love her and step on her and pat her on the head, and she of course, wants NOTHING to do with him.  Colty and Tanner loved her so much and kept saying, "Oh, we wish we had a baby sister." 

Amanda and Cami also decided that I am old fashioned and out of style (basically ugly) so they convinced me to cut my hair in a stylish way (see above), and I went shopping with Mom to get some new clothes. 

Tonight when Uncle J and Aunt Dawn got back they stopped here for dinner. This is a picture of the cute Peterson cousins.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


We sure love these brothers in our family!


Everyone tells me that Braden looks just like my brother did when he was little. With his white hair and big brown eyes and beautiful tan complexion, he is a handsome little boy. Tanner and Colty say all the time, "Braden is so cute." He adds such a fun dynamic to our little family. He is very independent and is so sure that he is as big as his brothers and can do anything they can. He is very smart and does sign language for more, drink, and please, and is starting to talk. His new work is Grandpa, which he yelled throughout church today. He also says no and mama and every once in a while will say Nanner (Tanner). I was actually really surprised at the pictures we took of him because he was quite grumpy the whole night - it is such a pain to hold still!


Colton is so handsome. He has the best personality and keeps us laughing. He is a drama-king and emphasizes just the right words so that his point comes across clear. And his facial expressions are the best. He is so helpful and is always trying to help Braden, (even when Braden doesn't want the help). He is a good sport to play at Tanner's command most days, doing whatever Tanner says. He will miss Tanner when he goes to kindergarten, but it will be so fun for Braden and I to have him to ourselves. Colty told us the other day that he wants us to call him Colty, not Colton. He is such a determined and stubborn boy, and does things his own way, much to the chagrin of his parents.


Tanner is such a good boy. He is growing up so fast and is so excited to start Kindergarten at the end of the month. I am excited for him too, but nervous that my little boy is going to be going to school. He is so smart and will learn so fast. I was worried that he would be so shy and not talk to anyone, but he is getting so brave and talks all day to anyone who will listen. Tanner is my big helper and is a good minder and is thoughtful and happy. He loves his best friend Colty and they play all day so well together. Tanner is such a good boy and is the first to tell if someone is being a troublemaker. It is nice to know that my kid is not the one causing problems (generally). He is getting all grown up and getting so big.

Week 3 - Sugar City

Being in Sugar City felt like being home. We stayed with the Youngs, and it was so fun. They basically evacuated the upstairs and let us take over, which was so nice of them. We had such a good time with the Youngs. I loved spending time with Janel in the evenings when she got home from work. We joked that I was like her "wife", having dinner ready for her when she got home. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a wife!

Sunday we went to the ward, and it was funny to me that it just seemed like the right place. The boys went to primary and Braden even went to nursery. It just was so comfortable to be around these people that we love so much, and to feel their continued love and support for us.
Monday we played with the Kinghorns. We went to the park and had a picnic and it was so fun for the kids to play and for Debbi and I to visit. There is nothing so wonderful as a true friend.

That evening we went to FHE with the Bollars and Kinghorns to Sugar Hill and went ice blocking. It was so much fun. Tanner loved it and did it over and over again, Colty went down once, but then just wanted to spend time with Emmie, and Braden loved the cookies. I went down a couple of time, and Brady went with me, but somehow I happened to crash every time. My sweatshirt has grass-stains all over the back and shoulders.

Tuesday I worked at The Legacy Network, and the boys played at Bollars that afternoon. Colty was so excited to be with Emmie, but when I got home he was in tears and said "Emmie told me that she doesn't want to marry me anymore."

Wednesday we spent the day with Taylors. Again, it was so nice to be somewhere where we all felt comfortable just being ourselves. We helped pick raspberries, and played and had a wonderful time. Jenn and I went to Deseret Book and the BYUI bookstore together. The boys and I agree it just is so nice to be with your best friend. That night we invited Suzette over for dinner with Janel and I. It was fun to be with her. Just being in her company rejuvenates my spirits and lightens my day. She is wonderful.  That night I highlighted Jerika and Janel's hair. 
Thursday we visited our grandma neighbors, saw other wonderful friends, and played with Kinlee. She and the boys played with their "buddies" and pushed them in the strollers and played on the tramp with them.
Braden also loved having Kinlee push him in the stroller. She was such a good sport and walked up and down the street over and over.

Thursday night we took the boys to "the old sugar factory" and took their pictures. It was a cool place just outside of Sugar and we got some cute pictures. We went as dusk and the mosquitos were out, but we got good pics anyway. I will do a post of them alone.
Friday we cleaned up and spent some time visiting with the Bollars, then went to Arctic Circle with Kinlee and Jerika. We then finished getting our stuff together while Braden napped, then we went to Taylors to play one last time. My cousin Jake got married on Friday so that evening I met my parents in Archer at the reception. I then left the boys with them to go back to G. Grandma Peterson's and I met my friends at Applebees for dessert.

Saturday we played at G. Grandma's house, of course with the "crane truck" and legos and other fun old toys that grandpa liked when he was a little boy too.
That afternoon we went back up to Sugar City to put a For Rent sign in the yard and Dad worked on the garage door because it was having issues. We took (hopefully) the last pictures in front of the house.

Then we headed to Rigby for cousin Eric's wedding open house. It was so fun to see Aunts and Uncles and Cousins that I don't see often enough. Then we all drove back to PG. We got home at about midnight. Mom and I drove my car with the boys who fell asleep (blessed day!). It was so wonderful to visit with Mom. I love her and am so grateful for the friend that we are to each other.