Saturday, November 20, 2010

A tumbleweed bonfire

This week we have had some crazy wind.  And, because we live on the outskirts of town, we have these funniest tumbleweeds.  (Dave said that the fact I get such a kick our of tumbleweeds really shows what a city kid I am.)  These crazy tumbleweeds seem to cross the street in families, 5 or 6 at a time.  And, once the wind stopped (or at least slowed) I just giggled at all the places these tumbleweeds got stuck.  We have a huge pile of them in our backyard, and they are wedged between a fence and a power pole, or in the crevace on the side of someone's home, between bushes in people's front yards, and in doorways all over.  You can almost follow the path of the wind as these silly tumbleweeds get crammed into various places.  There is a GIANT tumbleweed in our backyard.  I don't know how it jumped the fence, but there it is. 

And my big question is, what do people do with these now that they are no longer wildly running through the neighborhood?  It isn't like we can just have a bon-fire in the middle of the street and roast mallows over our tumbleweed pile.  Although, that would certainly be enjoyable!!!

Reaching out

I had a very emotional week, and I am happy to say that I am better.  I have learned if nothing else that I have some very, very good friends, even if they all don't live in my neighborhood.  Thanks to you that called or commented.  I love you, and I know I am loved too. 

It has been interesting to me, and maybe I have been extra reflective this week because I have to speak on Sunday on "The Love of God", the many stories of members of Christ's church who feel lonely, outcast, and unloved.  I decided that maybe the thing that I, and maybe others too, are to learn from this is that we need to be the ones to reach out to others so that they don't have the same experience that I am having.  Yes, it is not easy to find that friend that will be there no matter what, and I thank Heavenly Father for the ones I have in my life like that, but I can be the one that says hi at RS or makes a point to smile introduce myself after Sacrament Meeting to a new person, or even visitor. My mom always says: There is someone in your ward that is looking for a friend, they might not know it, but you can be that friend.   As Pres Uchtdorf said, "Love should be our walk and our talk" as disciples of Christ.

And, so, let's be His Hands, and reach out to those needing a little love, cuz don't we all?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Across the street, yet a whole world away

Why is it that if someone is no longer in our ward, we discount them as moved away, not my concern, out of my league, out of sight out of mind, and nearly dead.....

We have moved into this beautiful home, something I had been praying for for months and months.  And yet, here I sit and tearfully wonder if this is really what I wanted.  All of my friends that so graciously accepted us the last 7 months and made us feel welcome in this foreign land, have somehow abandoned us.  Maybe not all of them, and maybe they are just having a busy month....but I feel that way.  My friends from preschool group act like they don't have anything to say to me, and my friends that called constantly the week I moved (and caused me to go over in minutes on my cell phone) haven't called once.  That is right, not one of them have called me since we moved.

And, I have really tried, but I don't have anyone that I would even call a potential friend in this new ward.  The bishopric hasn't come over, the RS president left cookies on the doorstep, and frankly, I feel lonely.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A November Update

Grandma came on Sunday, Oct 31, and stayed until Thursday.  We had such a fun time with her.  She helped us get things organized and settled, and was great moral support.  The boys sure love grandma and it was fun to have her here with us.  She took some great pics of the house, so when she shares them with me I will post them. 
A great after Halloween sale at Walmart - 75% off - warranted some Optimu Prime costumes.  There were 2 baskets at the front of the store with costumes in them, so I assumed that was all that was left.  Then, when I went the next time I realized that there were isles of options, so I should/could have gotten a BumbleBee one too.  Oh well.
Yesterday we went to the church to play in the leaves (since we don't have any trees in our yard yet).  We invited our friend to come play too, and in a wild game of chase Tanner was fallen on and sprained his 3 fingers really bad.  The bummer is that it is his right hand, so I am not sure how he is going to write at school.  He is getting along okay eating, but he is really sore.  Beside this bummer, the boys had fun in the leaves.

Today was Veterans's Day, so Tanner didnt have school.  We had a fun time home together.  We didn't go ANYWHERE today, and it was delightful.  We played computer games, dominos, crafted a little making a John Deere clock, did laundry, and just hung out.  It was a fun, relaxing day.  We are grateful for those who serve and served our country so we can enjoy the freedom of lazy days doing anything we want.


Saturday, Oct 30 was the first day in our home, and we were busy trying to get settled.  That night was a joint ward (which happened to be the Union Ward - the one we moved from and the South Gate - the one we moved to) Halloween dinner, carnival, and trunk or treat.  We dressed up as cowboys and had a great time.  The dinner was tasty, the carnival was enjoyable, and the trunk or treat was....dark.  There were TONS of trunks, and after going through about half the boys were ready to go back home.  Braden's favorite part was the pumpkins that were lit.  Some families get really creative with their trunk decor.  I vow that next year I will be fun too!

and, of course, the best part of cowboys....

I love cowboy butts!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We are home!

Well, it was very crazy, but we actually got moved this last weekend!!!  We were supposed to close on Friday, Oct 29, and when we closed on our house in Sugar we got the keys when we signed the paperwork and moved right in.  Well, I guess that isn't the norm, because usually the keys aren't given until the loan is funded, which the next business day after the papers are signed.  After a dozen (at least) emails and phone calls back and forth from the loan officers, we got the loan approved on Friday at 4:45pm, special permission to have early occupancy, and moved in on Friday night, starting at 5:30pm.  Saturday we cleaned the apartment, unloaded boxes, and moved in more furniture with the help of the WONDERFUL Carlsons, and then went to the Halloween party.  (more pics and info to come) 

The good news is, we are HOME!!

My latest favorite saying is:  Life takes you to unexpected places, Love brings you home!