Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 5 - Heading Home

We had a lazy morning, with a late check out, so we went swimming at the pool.  We swam twice when we first got to CA, but had been too busy the last few days.  The boys were so excited to jump in, although they really preferred the hot tub.  The big pool was heated and was absolutely perfect though.

 When Dave was a little boy, his family took a vacation and his parents dressed everyone alike in bright colored shirts that were numbered on the back.  His older siblings were horrified at the thought and still cringe to think about it, but his parents are still so proud that they didn't lose anyone due to the bright colors.  So, they surprised us and sent us matching shirts too.  Luckily, our boys are young enough to think it is cool to match and have their names on their shirts!

We rented this van - a 2011 Toyota Siena.  It was fantastic!  I told Dave I want it to be our next rig, but he thinks it will require winning the lottery to afford.  It was so roomy and had so much storage space.  I loved it!  So did the boys.  Braden cried when we dropped it off and they drove it away.  "Mine!!!"
 On the shuttle to the airport, and everywhere we went, our cute boys get smiles.  They were so good on our vacation, and we had the best time!  If we can get tickets that cheap every year, we just might make a Califonia visit in the winter a family tradition!  Can't beat sunshine and high 70 temps in January!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 4 - Disneyland

Wednesday was beauiful!  We had a good sleep, a good breakfast, and were excited to go see Mickey.  We rode the shuttle to the park which was only a few blocks away, and got there shortly after it opened.
We got our tickets off of Craigslist, so we didn't have to wait in line and just went right through the gates.  I pulled out the map and showed the boys the different areas, showing them rides and explaining stuff.  The only thing they were interested in was: Where is Mickey?  Luckily, we found him fast!

 Then we found Gepetto and Pluto.  We had them all sign our autograph books too!

 Rides were so fun...
 Unless they were a little scary...   
 The thing that I enjoyed most about the rides at Disneyland is that everyone could ride them.  There were only a handful that had height restrictions, and they were ones we wouldn't want to ride anyway unless you were older.  And, it was so family friendly.  They allowed 3 on almost every ride, so we could all go at the same time.
 I was so excited to got to the castle and take the boys through FantasyLand, but they could have cared less.  Nobody wanted to ride on anything with me or see the princesses.  Dave took my picture and said the maybe someday I would have a princess that would be excited to do girl stuff!

Our goofies in Goofy's chair
 When we found the Fairy Godmother and Suzie the mouse, Braden was in love at first sight.  He thought Suzie was the most wonderful and amazing thing he had ever laid his little eyes on!

A Mickey Pretzel for dinner!  (It was the only thing we could afford!)

 At California Adventure we did a few rides, and then enjoyed the World of Color show.  We didn't have great "seats", but it was pretty amazing what they could do with lights and water.  It dawned on me what the most wonderful thing about Disney is - the MUSIC!  Nothing beats Disney music. 
 I loved this picture, though it should have been one I took at the first of the day, not the last!

We got back to our hotel around 9pm, and Braden cried all the way up the elevator "Bed!!"  We were all exhausted, but had a very fun day!  Legoland was fun, but it certainly isn't as magical as Disneyland!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 3 - The Beach

We decided to hit the beach in Oceanside, as we were told that the parking was free and it had a great beach, lots of surfers, and a really long pier.  The day was beautiful, nearly 70 degrees, although on the beach it was cooler than that.  We had such a wonderful time!!

The boys immediately started to play in the sand.  We brought lunch, but suddenly nobody but Dad was hungry anymore.

 The boys would race the waves, going into the water until the waves would come, then run back to the beach.

 Colty decided he needed to warm up in the sand a bit.  And, why not make an angel while he is there.

A beach trip wouldn't be complete without being buried in the sand, and getting sand in all the wrong places!
I think there are few places as beautiful and amazing and breath-taking as the ocean.  I love it!
Then we drove to Anaheim to get ready for our big day tomorrow - Meeting Mickey!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 2 - Legoland

We got up fairly early (like 7am - but that seems really early when you got to bed so late) and get ready to head to Carlsbad, CA to Legoland.  It was a nice drive on the way down, thanks to our handy GPS.  (How did we ever get along with out it!?!)  California is beautiful with all the palm trees, and the San Diego Freeway goes right along the coast, making it even more beautiful.

As we were driving, enjoying the Aztec type buildings, we suddenly see a familiar guy...Moroni.  But he wasn't hanging out on top of a familiar looking building.  So, I grabbed Dave's I-pad, and sure enough, it was familiar, we just didn't know it.  It was the Newport Beach CA temple.  Isn't it cool?
We got to Legoland around 10, right when it opened.  We got our stroller, and admission into the park, and away we went.

 It was pretty cool to see the things that were made with Legos!!
 There were only a handful of rides that we could all ride together, since there were 5 of us, because most would only allow 2 at a time, and you had to have an adult ride with you until you are 48 inches tall.  There was a nice "grandma" in front of us that we also in a group with an odd number, so she said that she would ride with Tanner so we didn't have to split up.  It was very nice of her...we wish she would have been our grandma as it would have made the rides easier for our little family.

Since we got in so late and up so early, everyone was tired, so after lunch Dave and Colty took Braden back to have a nap at the hotel, and Tanner and I ran around and did the "big kid" rides.

Tanner is a thrill junkies - the faster the better.  He loved the roller coasters and the fast rides.  Colty doesn't like these so much, so that is what Tanner and I ran around doing the most....the fast ones!

When the boys got back from resting, they were much happier, and we had a good time getting on teh rides that we could all ride.  I was kind of disappointed in how many rides had height restrictions.  Luckily Braden is 34 inches, so he could do a good portion of them, but I didn't feel like Legoland was very family oriented in that respect. 

 This was a favorite ride.  The riders could spray water at other boats and at watchers, and the watchers could spray them.  Everyone got very wet on this ride.

Dave was amazed at this Volvo.  It was built on a car frame, but it completely out of legos.  Pretty stinkin' cool!

We had a great time at Legoland.  It was a very slow day and we basically walked onto every ride, and the day was a beauiful 70 degrees!  It started to cool down at 5 o'clock when the park closed, but that may also have been due to the fact that we were wet from water rides. 

We ate dinner at TGI Friday's then to the hotel for swimming!  Tomorrow....the beach!