Thursday, September 30, 2010

The fun we have...

We have been doing this really fun thing at our house this week called the stomach flu.  I got it Sunday night, Colty got it Monday, Tanner got it Tuesday night, and Dave had it Wednesday.  Today is Thursday and I kept Tanner home again today because his stomach really hurt this morning, but he is SO fine this afternoon.  Braden has had sour stomach off and on all week, so I hope that he is "done" too.

Then, last Friday I went to see a duplex to see about renting it.  I was visiting with the lady showing it and explained our situation to her and that we can't buy until we sell.  She said, "why?  I own 11 duplexes, and as long as I have a rental contract signed I am fine to get another loan.  How do you think people get investment property?"  She gave me the name and number of a loan officer she thinks is great, and I left on a real high!  Monday, I was going to call and get more info, but I was sick, so Dave (the wonderful man that he is) came home to help out with the craziness and took Braden to visit with the loan officer.  WE QUALIFY FOR A HOME!!!!  We only have to have 3.5% down, and the interest rate is 4.25.  We are so excited that we can hardly see straight!!  We can get a HOME for a similar price as an APARTMENT!

I go with a Realtor tomorrow to look at homes.  We just may have a new home by Thanksgiving!!! 

And, we have renters moving into our house this weekend, which has been a blessing.  Such a relief, emotionally and financially!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quiet Books

 I am on the "R.S. Meeting" Committee in our ward, and we are planning Super Saturday the end of October.  I am in charge of Quiet Books, so that is what I have been working on this week.  They are simple, but I am really happy with how they turned out. If anyone wants copies of my stuff, I'd be happy to share.  Email me or leave a comment and I will send you the stuff.  I found the photo books at the dollar store, and then printed the words on labels, and the pics off off  The total cost is $3.50 each.  It was cheaper for me to make because I printed them off of my computer, but I will pay a copy store to print them for the ladies in the ward.
 Gospel ABC:  Each page is a different letter of the alphabet that corresponds with a Gospel word, and then has a primary song that goes with it.  There are a mix of my pics and the gospel image library pics.  I used foam letters for the alphabet letter.

Follow The Prophet:  I used the verses to the primary song, then found additional verses online for the Book of Mormon prophets, and Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson.  I printed the gospel library pics off and then put the verse on a 2X4 label.  I used 4X6 index cards as the background.
I know the 12 and First Presidency:  There is a great song by The Sons of Ammon that is on youtube.  See  My kids have watched it a zillion times and are now familiar with these guys.  I think it is important that their faces are familiar.  I used their catchy info lines and put them under the names of these guys.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They are growing up!

Colty started preschool last Tuesday, and he has loved it!  He asks every night if he has school tomorrow.  It is so disappointing that Tanner gets to go every day, and Colty only gets to go two times a week.  He is having a good time.  There are 3 girls and one other boy in this little group, and the 5 moms will take turns teaching.  They have a schedule and curriculum that they use.  It is quite professional, and I am a little worried that I will disappoint the others.  They assure me I will be fine.

Shy Tanner is coming out of his shell.  He used to be so nervous to do anything, wouldn't talk to anyone, and wouldn't try new things.  But that is changing.  He talks at school, is making friends, and likes to be adventurous and try new things.  We have been going to the Court Club this week with a trial membership, and have gone swimming 4 times.  They have a rock wall and Tanner couldn't wait for Kid Climb on Monday so he could try.  He did awesome.  He talked to the instructor, and he climbed all the way up, twice.

Then of course we went to the pool.  These little boys are fish!  Tanner got really good at doing the cannon ball and he and Colty would swim all over the pool with their little floaties on.  Braden is getting more comfortable too. 
The pool is fantastic.  The main pool is 86 degrees and the hot tub is 98.  It is like a nice tub.  We enjoyed our free week so much.  I would sign up in a minute if I thought we'd use it all the time.  The problem is, Braden won't stay in the babysitting area for very long.  I only got to Zumba once, cuz the other time I tried he cried until they came to get me.  We'll see how it goes.  Maybe later this fall or winter....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I take it all back...

A few years ago for my birthday my mom and Dave bought me a Cricut.  I was delighted, and used it a little, then became very disappointed to realize that in order to do much of anything too creative you had to buy different cartridges, at approx. $30 a pop.  Then I found a craft store in Rexburg that would rent the cartridges, so that was fun for a while, until they went out of business.  So, now, here I am, disappointed in this expensive little machine. 

Saturday my friend Brooke invited me to come to a craft open house with her.  It is a group of ladies that craft for fun and then sell their stuff at open houses 3 times a year.  They had lots of cute stuff, and great ideas.  As we started to visit with them, they cut all their vinyl on their cricuts.  I have done vinyl on my cricut, but again, disappointed at the lack of font choices due to the cartridges and the screen.  Then they started talking about these online programs that you pay for 1 time and then hook your cricut up to your computer and use it basically like a printer.  I was sceptical, thinking that my cricut was too plain for such a cool think.  So, we went home and looked it up.  Sure enough, it works on my model.  I came home and downloaded the free trial version.  It wasn't easy getting my computer to recognize the USB port, but I finally got it up and running, and it is so AWESOME!!!!  I can do anything I have ever dreamed of!! I can use ANY font I want, download ANY graphic I want, and design and create on the screen, then sent it to cut on my Cricut!!!  I am so happy I can hardly contain myself. 

I am taking back all the nasty thoughts I have had about my Cricut.  Maybe it will make all my crafting dreams come true.  Now, if only I had a house to decorate....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Commitment Issues

So, I guess I have always had commitment issues.  Ask Dave, it took 2 years to decide that I would marry him.  And, I just couldn't handle the 2 year contract at Gold's Gym, so I cancelled.  I had 3 days to do so, and I did it on day 2.  Our friends told us about another gym around here so we went to check it out.  It was nice and had lots for the kids to do, and they have 1 year contracts, or month to month, and they want us to try it for a week on them.  So, that is what we are doing right now.  Last night we went for FHE and the boys played in the daycare place and Dave and I used the equipment.  Today I will go try out Zumba and then tonight I think we'll take the boys swimming. I am going to get good use out of my week trial!!  And, there is no commitment!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A long week

Last week seemed very long to me.  Maybe it was because we are still trying to get into a routine with school, and let's face it, I am up at least an hour earlier than I have been for a while.  But, I think Colt and I were both a little bored.  I probably need more structure to my days, but sitting around with no where to go, no money to spend, and no one to see makes me feel a little lonely.  Here are some of these things we did to keep ourselves entertained:

Colty pulled out the playdough and he and Braden played and played.  Brady especially loved it.  In fact, he had done it multiple times this week.  I might have mixed the yellow and the red together when I was cleaning up, and when Tanner got home  he let me have it.  I was told that I should "sit on timeout" and "we don't mix colors" and he cried and was MAD!! 

Thursday we went to playgroup at the church because it was too rainy, and the ladies were talking about crafting, which got me in the mood.  So Friday morning we went to the craft store and got some craft things.  Colty and I painted and crafted and had such a good time together.  Colty did the painting of the "I am a child of God" one.  He did such a good job.  These were fun, and we needed a frame for Daddy to take to work of his boys.

Saturday afternoon Dave and I went on a date. It was long overdue.  We have girls that we are comfortable leaving the boys with, but Braden is a mess when he gets left.  So it makes wanting to leave hard.  But, we decided if we go during nap time it is much easier.  Dave starts harvest on Wednesday, and rumor is that I become a widow for 2 or so months thereafter, so we escaped alone for a few hours.  We enjoyed Red Lobster (our new fave) and then drove around without anyone yelling "where are we going" from the backseat.   When we got back we walked down to the United Methodist church on the corner because they were having a community block party.  They had blow up slides, and blow up obstacle courses and jump houses, free hotdogs, popcorn, dutch oven desserts, and sno-cones, games, and prizes and fun-fun-fun.  We had a good time.  Dave said that maybe next week we should try out their congregation.  :)

Today the boys wanted to make a "boys club."  So after church Dad helped them.  They said that they only do boys things, stuff girls won't want to do. Stuff like eat rattle snakes and hot peppers and rabbit and onions.  I don't know about that, but they did sit in the dark with a flash light, eat frozen blueberries (the only fruit Colty will eat besides bananas) and read a story with a flashlight.  They had a great time.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's not like us....

well, it isn't like us at all to buy on a whim....but today we did.  and now we are 2 year committed members to gold's gym.  (my caps lock isn't working for some reason)  so, here's to a monthly payment, getting so skinny and buff, and now i get to zumba!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sometimes I amaze myself

The other day my friend told me that when she is feeling down she makes cookies and it makes her feel better about life.  She asked what I do, and I couldn't give a for sure answer.  "Mope" is what I thought.  But, I have been thinking about it since then.  When I am feeling depressed, I like to shop.  Nothing can make you feel better than SAVING money.  Here is my latest deal.

At Albertson's their Kraft Cheese was 2/$4.  I bought 5 of them.
Then I had a $5 off 5 items coupon, and a catalina for buying 5 Kraft items, so my total came to

ZERO!!!!!!  FREE cheese!!

I also decided that I like to cook.  It is very rewarding to me to make items that I have not made before.  So, I attempted an onion blossom, just like the restaurants make.  It was FANTASTIC!!

Yikes, this picture doesn't do it justice.  It was delicious.  In fact, I made one, we snarfed it, so I made another.  Then, of course, we regretted it.  No, it wasn't healthy, but we were getting our vegetables.  :)  You can find the recipe on  Search blooming onion.  We made the dip too, and it was delicious.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A real Weird-o

As a side note:  in Tanner's class they have a bag that a secret item is put in and then they are given 3 clues and whoever guesses it right gets to bring the bag home and take it back the next day with his/her own clues.  The first day of class the item was a clothes pin, and Tanner guessed it.  He couldn't remember all the clues, but he said that one of them was something like "if you let go of it on your arm it will pinch you."  He came home so excited and decided to put a napkin in his bag.  He came up with the clues: 1.  it sits by your plate at the table. 2.  you wipe your hands on it  3.  it is made of paper.  He said that his class guessed it after clue #2.

Labor Day Fun

Dave had the day off, and of course so did Tanner, so we called our friends the Carlson's in Selah and asked if we could come visit.  We had such a great time.  Russ made "Red Robin" style hamburgers and we all stuffed ourselves.  The excuse - "well, it is a holiday!"

Then we played out in the yard - oh to have a yard - and the sunshine.  It was fun.  Dave and Russ taught Tanner how to catch and throw a ball, like a "man".
 Dave and Russ played a little catch, which was fun to watch.  Dave doesn't do that very often, and he really is quite good.  At least, he can catch a ball on a velcro pad and throw it back.

Colty won the heart of the little lady. (Even after plowing over her with the swing and giving her a black eye.  He tried to stop it he said.) He sat with her in the swing and held her hand, then in the house he would caress her pretty braids and sit with her on the couch.  Braden hasn't quite figured out that hitting and taking toys is not the way to win the ladies.  He will have to take lessons from Colt.

Then we took a tour of their new home and are excited to see the changes they plan to make.  It even gave Dave a small, very, very, small desire to buy a fixer-upper so we can make our own changes to it.  It was so fun to spend time with the Carlsons.  We really must do it more often!

We had to leave kind of early so we could get back and make dinner cuz it was our night to feed the Elders.  We had breakfast - muffins, eggs, smoothie, and sausage. It was delicious!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My baby's growing up

Somehow, and I am not sure how, but we have gone from this...

to this...and like overnight it seems!

Tanner started Kindergarten TODAY!!  He was so excited.  He got to ride the bus and was so excited.  We went on Monday and met his teacher and found his classroom.  But it was a long wait to today.  He decided to eat pizza hot lunch today, and was such a big boy. 

The boys getting ready to walk out the door to the bus stop.
Tanner couldn't wait to get there, so he ran ahead.
There was a very nice girl named Gina at the bus stop.  I told her this was Tanner's first time on the bus and she said that she would be his friend to make sure he got off at the right place after school.  She is a 3rd grader.  I hope she does help him.

The bus driver was cute.  She saw me there and had me come introduce Tanner to her, then had him pose for me to take his picture.

Then, we drove over to the school to make sure he got to the right place.  There were so many moms standing there watching their kids, the principal walked past and commented that the ratio of kids to parents was 1:1.  I just watched from the van.  I didn't want to be "one of those".  :)
I hope he has a nice day.  I am excited to hear how it goes!!

Today we take Cami to the airport.  It has been so fun to have her here for the past few days.  The boys love her and we will miss her so much.  Yesterday we went to the Park of Dreams and had a fun time playing and having a picnic.  It was very un-crowded since everyone is in school now.  I forgot my camera, rats!

Week 5 - PG/SLC

This is our last week on Vacation.  Dad was released from Bishop on Sunday and I was glad we were there.  All the siblings were, except for Jordan.  I think that meant a lot to Dad.  We just hung out in PG for the week.  On Wednesday night Mom invited my local cousins to come for a BBQ.  It was so fun to see Mindy and Sarah and their families.  We have never really spent time together in years and years, so it was fun to catch up.  And, the chicken was fantastic!    It was fun to see the kids play together.  Something about being family just makes it easy to play and be instant friends.

Grandma did a little bit of sewing for the boys, making them new jammie pants.  What would we do without our amazing grandma?

Thursday morning I got up early and got my stuff together and headed to SLC for the TLN Summer Sales Convention.  I was basically in charge of all the registration and such for over 85 agents, plus 15 carriers, so it was a big deal.  I had been working on it a lot, and the convention went wonderful.  The boys stayed to play at Grandma's and I appreciate so much that they are able to do that.  We do the convention at the Grand America in downtown Salt Lake, and it is the most amazing hotel I have every been in. 
I enjoyed a wonderful bubble bath in the garden tub while reading "The Mockingjay", sleeping in a king bed all to myself, and eating amazing foods.  Friday night there was a crazy incident where a man wearing military gear was seen walking out of the parking garage, told some people he was in training, and then started shooting at a police officer.  The cop shot back and killed the man.  They blocked off the roads for the night and did a full blown investigation, all while they left the body of the man on the grass of the hotel.  They didn't cover it or anything, but put yellow tape around him and then had cops guard him with their big guns.  He was behind some bushes, so they probably assumed that nobody could see him, but we could from our hotel rooms.  You can read more on the story from I took closer pictures, but Dave is mortified, so I won't post them.  You can see the shooter laying near the bushes being guarded by cops.

Saturday morning I had to present at the convention, and then I met Mom and the boys and Cami in the lobby and we zoomed home.  We left SLC about noon, and pulled into Kennewick 10 hours later.  The boys traveled so great.  There were no complaints from anyone.  Cami drove with me to help with the monkeys, and then she will stay with us until Wednesday then fly home.

Our Daddy was so happy to see us!  And we were happy to see him.  We had the best vacation, but are so glad to be home now.  It was nice to sleep in our own beds and go to our own ward on Sunday too.