Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nesting? Spring Fever? Bored?

So, I don't know what you call it, but I feel the need to be busy.  So, here is what I accomplished last week.

We needed something to make us be better about our weekly family night.  I have been trying to dream up a great FHE chart that is perfect for us, and here is what I came up with.  It has been mostly done for a while, but we finally got it on the wall and have been using it the last 2 weeks.  It is awesome.  The boys do a great job when they are in charge of lesson, and we are working on sharing our testimony when it is our turn to teach.

 My friend Karrie has these great floating shelves, so Mindy and I went over to her house and had her help us make our own.  It was so fun and empowering because we were able to use the "big" tools and make the shelves all by ourselves.  I put mine in the boys room.  Perfect for our John Deere stuff.
 I had my friend Linda cut out letters with her scroll saw and then the boys painted them and I covered them in scrapbook paper.  I put them on the opposite wall from the floating shelves.  Love them!

 While at the craft store looking for scrapbook paper, we saw this cute easter garland made of plastic eggs that were decorated so cute.  So, we bought our own plastic eggs and got puff glitter glue and had a fun time making our own.
 Braden and I went to the new Good Will in our town and found this horrible bunny.  She was dressed in a very ugly dress and had pink checkered ears that were dirty and falling off.  Braden loved her and wanted to buy her for "ours baby".  I could see the potential so I paid the $3.50 and brought her home.  After going through the 18 months kids clothes I had and my fabric box, our ugly easter girl bunny turned into our cute easter boy bunny.  He is perfect on my shelf!  And Colt was so impressed!
 I am in a fun little craft group and this month we did moss covered letters.  Here is mine.  Tanner doesn't think it matches my Easter decor, but I like it.
 Joann's was having a big fabric sale, and I am ready to start getting ready for a baby girl.  So, after getting ideas on pintrest I decided to go through my fabric box and make a blanket before buying more fabric.  This is how it turned out!  I LOVE IT!  It is bigger than the one on pintrest, but I am glad, and I am going to use the same idea and make a car seat cover.  The strips are all gathered and then sewn together and this one has minky on the back.  I am so happy that I made it all by myself and only had to unpick twice...once when I sewed the ruffle around the edge right sides together instead of wrong sides together, and once when I used the wrong piece and it was too short.  I have really never done ruffles and am just so pleased with how it turned out!
 So, I went to Joann's and bought lots of fabric.  I have big plans for some of it, but some of it I just couldn't pass up.  I LOVE BROWNS AND PINKS!!
 Sunday we needed a new fun treat, so I found a recipe for pie pops and just tweeked it a bit and made them more like pie cookies.  Tanner and Dave ranted and raved at how yummy they were.  We bought a bunch of frozen fruit from Cash and Carry and have been using it for smoothies, pancakes, etc, and it was perfect with a little clear jel and sugar as pie filling!
 We have SERIOUS fighting, arguing, temper tantrum, lying, hitting, grumping, yelling, and unhappy kids and moms in our house.  I decided that something had to be done.  So Dave and I put our minds together and with a little help from pintrest we came up with a new job chart and reward system.  Today is day 2, and I am so happy to say we had no fights or grumpies yesterday, my dishwasher is unloaded before school, homework and piano is one before dinner, and the rooms are clean and stuff picked up before bed!  What a kid won't do for a colored ticket!  So pleased!
So, I might be a little tired and sore and pregnant, and I might like to just stay home and do whatever I want, but I feel pretty good about my projects in the last few weeks!  And, we are headed home for Spring Break on Friday and I simply can't wait!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Little Athletes

For most of February and March, Tanner and Colt played city basketball.  Colt was way excited, and Tanner was talked into it, but it ended up being super fun for everyone. Tanner has decided that he likes basketball and got to be pretty good.  We never played games, just learned skills, and then after it was all over we bought a hoop for our yard.  The boys have fun playing ball at home now too.  The boys had 2 friends, Cy and Izzy, play with them, which always makes it fun to know someone, and is great for mom and dad to have someone to visit with during practice.