Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ohanepecosh Campground

Last summer we spent lots of time camping, and this year the summer flew by and we didn't have a lot of opportunity to do so.  But I was bound and determined to get one good trip in.  Our family, Platts, and Emily and Miriam went camping overnight to Ohanepecosh in the Ranier National Forest.  It was so beautiful!  We spent lots of time hiking and exploring and visiting and being in The Great Outdoors.  The kids all got along so well and were rockstars on our hikes which ended up being a bit longer than we expected.  We saw the huge trees in the Grove of the Patriarchs and we walked along the beautiful river and saw the Silver Falls.  We ate delicious food and had fun in the tent and sat around the campfire and ate too many s'mores, donuts, and hot chocolate.  Camping is the best!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mills fun

After the Poteet Reunion our little family went to Melissa and Klade's and spent the evening and night there.  Mandy and Ivan and their kiddos were there and so were Grandpa and Grandma Mills.  We had a BBQ and played "fizzball" and made paper rockets and sat around the campfire and ate mallows and visited and did sparklers.  It was so relaxing and enjoyable and my kids LOVED being with Mills cousins.  We miss having family close to us!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I love you a Bushel and a Peck

Months ago Grammy called me and asked if I would organize a family reunion for the Poteet clan.  She and Grandad counted and realized they have 75+ posterity and that it would be a good idea to get them together.  It is also her 90th birthday this year which I think is worth celebrating as well.  So I contacted all my cousins and organized a reunion for August.  Everyone except Barb's family was able to come.  We had cousins from all over the country come and it was so wonderful.  Everyone had fun playing games, talking, swimming, playing, eating, being together, slip n sliding, taking pictures, laughing, crafting, bottle rockets, and catching up. We slept in tents in the yard and the weather ended up being just fine, although we were worried about a storm coming through.  Aunt Sherma and Uncle Rick had the perfect sized family room for us to watch a slide show and play Poteet Jeapordy.  I am sure everyone was glad to be there for Grammy and Grandad.