Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Well, Sugar City, I miss you very much, but it is Spring here, and it still may be a while before it finds you.  Don't miss that!

I have the spring veggies in my garden planted - lettuce, broccoli, carrots, califlower, peas, spinach. We bought 3 trees this weekend, a peach, and necterine, and a crabapple.  And the two trees in our yard that we weren't sure were alive are flowering!! 

We have fun things growing in our window too.

These are flowers - marigolds, bachelor buttons, etc.

This is the bean plant that Colty planted at preschool.  We are so proud of it, and Dave thinks it will sprout beans before it is even warm enough to put outside.

A beautiful double Daffodil.  I do miss these since I don't have any bulbs in my new yard -yet.  I bought myself some daffodils and they got thrown out today, but then Colty got this at preschool.  To me is just screams - IT IS SPRING!!
Today for preschool we went to one of the girl's grandma's house.  She lives on a 7 acre "farm".  It was so fun to see the animals.

 Riding horses was a highlight.  Brady kept saying  "more time!"  He might be a cowboy when he grows up.  He loves riding horses, being a horse, looking at horses, etc.

Brady and Kaylee, his best frenemy.

Colt and Bronx

Dave is also getting ready for the summer by shedding his winter weight.  He has been working really hard at being healthy (we both have actually).  We have been going to they gym, watching what we eat, and counting calories.  Dave has lost 19 lbs in 3 1/2 weeks.  I have only lost 5, but none the less, we are both so happy with the way it makes us feels to be eating right and excersizing.  I am so proud of Dave.  He would like to lose a bit more, but don't worry, when he starts wearing pants smaller than mine, I will start lacing his dinner with fattener!!

Spring means busy for farmers, and Dave has been running and running (maybe that is why he lost the weight) like crazy.  He gets up at 5 am and we don't see him at night until 7 ish.  He is responsible for receiving the potato seed for his farm, and dealing with truckers and dispatchers and the sort is quite stressful.  So, me and the boys are leaving!!

Spring Break is next week so we are headed to UT in the morning.  There are some gals from here that are going too, so we will caravan, which will be nice.  We hope we don't run into any unfriendly April Fools jokes on our way!  So, Friday through Thursday in PG, then to ID to check on our house and see some familiar faces, then on Saturday to Burley for a cousin's wedding reception, and Sunday we will journey back home.  It will be so fun and we can't wait!!

Isn't Spring wonderful!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Problem and solutions

So, we have had a bit of a problem in our garage lately.  We had some of this...

 and some of this...
And while I love this guy, I absolutely DESPISE his little cousins.

So we invested in one of these fancy items, (which by the way didn't take care of the problem the way we hoped. It did catch the little rodent, but caused much suffering.)
 So, to keep future rodents from our garage and food storage, we got a more permenant fix....Salt and Pepper!

 And we LOVE them!
The boys of course had to draw a picture of them once we got them settled,

  and Tanner has made up a job list
It is so fun having babies in the house again! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day

Here is a great St. Patick's Day riddle:
What is Irish and sits on your back porch?

Patty O' Furniture!

Today we went over to the Webb's for a fun St. Patrick's day party.  It has been a long time since we were there because of their new baby that is now 6 weeks old.  (of the 6 weeks he has spent 3 in the hospital, as a premie 6 weeks early and with RSV.)  We strung noodles on a string, then we did a treasure hunt...

 Then had shamrock pizzas.  (English Muffins, spaghetti sauce, cheese, and pepperoni).  The kids played and the Moms visited, which was WONDERFUL!

Dave was so excited to find a new shed on Craigslist, so he brought it home and was trying to get it off the trailer.  We put logs under it, then pushed it off the trailer, but it got going a bit much...

 And toppled right over.  Hum...
 Then Dave tied a chain to it and pulled it back upright.
 Of course with the help of 3 good little boys, and a really tough Mom.
Everything is upright again, and now we will get paint to match our house and somehow push it back next to the house.  What a fun adventure.

I love life

That says it all!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Family Pics

My smiles card at JCPenny expired last week, so we decided to get pics before that happened.  They didn't turn out too bad after all the monkey business!

I love paying only $3.99 a sheet!  Everything I wanted for less than $50!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Monster Trucks!!

I read on a friend's blog the other day that to incentivize her children to help around the house without being grumpy and fussing, she came up with a chart and when they filled the chart they got to go on a date with Dad.  I loved it, so I followed suit.  I made a job chart for Tanner and Colty and if they do their jobs without complaint they get a checkmark, and after 1 week of checkmarks, they get a date with Dad.  Well, after one successful week Dave came home from work and told the boys that if they did one more week we could go to Monster Trucks together as a family.  They were sold!!  Everyday they asked when we were going, and finally the day arrived.

Mud drag racing.  We were surprised at how hard this is on the trucks.  There were many trucks that ended up locking up or loosing headgaskets and such and had to be towed out of the arena.  One of the monster trucks even blew his transmission, but no worries, he had another one and within the hour he had them switched out and was racing again!

It was VERY loud.  We brought earplugs, but litte boy ears are too small for the plugs.  Bummer!  (pretend you don't see my double chin!)

Lucky boys convinced Dad to buy them flags.  Then we had the drivers sign them.

Titan (the overall winner) and Double Trouble.

It was such a fun night.  A great reward for good boys!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What a cute little athlete!

Well, the basketball "season" is over for Tanner, and we were so proud of the progress he made this year.  He is doing great at dribbling and shooting.  He had a fun time, and it was fun for us to watch him.
Tanner and his friend Isabelle.  She lives in our neighborhood and we signed up to do basketball together.
stretchin out!!
The video isn't great, but doesn't he look handsome in his basketball jersey and fancy new shoes? 

Next will be soccer!  Tanner's fave!