Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's A ...

Modest baby!

We had our exciting ultrasound, and the silly baby was either sitting on a foot or had it's knees stuck together.  So, we still don't know.  The ultrasound technician said that he is 92% sure it is a girl, as he couldn't see anything that would indicate otherwise, but after our experience with Colt I can't handle the 8% unsurity so he said we could come back in 4 weeks and he would recheck.  He was very good at what he does and said that he hasn't had a challenge like this ever!  Leave it to my baby! 

For now, Dave is calling is a girl, and Brady calls it Baby Sissy.  I am still trying to come up with boy and girl names so I am ready either way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


We woke up Wednesday morning to 2 inches of snow, and the snow falling, and since I remember how it was last year and that they shut the town down at the first sign of snow sticking to the ground I checked the website and sure enough we were on a 2 hour delay for school. It continued to snow and snow and by 11:30 we had 5 inches of snow outside.  The boys loved it.  Colt and Brady played outside for a good hour, then when Tanner got home they all went back out again.  Our driveway is just steep enough to make a good sled hill and the boys had a great time. 

School was cancelled for Thursday, and then Friday too.  It does get pretty yucky on the roads since they don't know how to care for snowy roads around here, so we stayed home and had a lovely time together.  The boys had friends come over a few times to play and they even played pretty nice just with each other.  Our Dad was off work too, so when he got home on Thursday night from the Pocatello Ag Show it was just our family having a good time.

Of course of kitty, Pepper, feels really sad outstide, even though she has a "special coat to keep her warm".  She stands at the back door and meows until we let her in.  Then she comes in and finds a nice place to nap and stay warm.

We have also decided that we love to bowl.  Last Saturday we went bowling as a family, and we went again this weekend.  It is something that we all enjoy and can do for fairly cheap.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Weekend

Dave is off work for the week due to winter shut down, and the boys don't have school on Monday for Martin Luther King, Jr Day, so we tried to think of something fun to do.  Dave didn't want to go out of town, and I didn't just want to sit around, so we came up with our own kind of fun.

Friday night we had Theme Night.  This is a tradition we will have to keep.  For our first one we went on a Safari.  We made vests, hats, and binoculars for the boys, then sat on our safari bus to see what animals we could spot.  When we got to a good look-out point, we had a picnic on our lepard skin blanket and watched the animals. (Lion King the movie).  We had animal crackers, sandwiches, drinkable yogurt (with monkeys on them), gummy bugs, and juice boxes.  It was so fun.  The boys keep asking when the next theme night will be.

Saturday we went bowling as a family.  Then we had 2 families of friends over for homemade pizza.  It was fun to visit and play and eat together.

Monday we invited a bunch of families to meet us at the gym at the church and we played kickball.  I was disappointed that there weren't more dads that had the day off, but we had fun with moms and kids.  It was a fun way to get excersize and play together.  Then our little family went to Pizza Hut for lunch to use our Book-It coupons.

Colt is a great pitcher!

It was a fun weekend together, even though we didn't go anywhere.  Making our own kind of fun!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 9 year anniversary to us!  Who knew we would still love each other after 9 long years!  Only Eternity left to go....I can't wait!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A long drive to see loved ones

The Mills family got together in Cody, WY a few days after Christmas.  So, we loaded the van and drove the 12+ hours to spend time with the crazy bunch.  We stayed the night in Missoula the first night, making the trip seem much easier to handle.  The boys travel pretty good, but Braden gets bored and doesn't want to watch shows or do anything but complain.  He got a bit car sick for a minute and threw up all over himself and the carseat about 1 1/2 hours before Missoula, so that was a fun adventure.  There were lots of windy and windy (as in lots of sharp corners) type roads, so I can really blame him, but yuck!  We of course enjoyed the swimming pool at the hotel though.  

The next day we continued east and as a tender mercy were able to make it to Cody, WY with no icy roads to deal with.  We had such a wonderful time with cousins.  The home we stayed in was beautiful and each family had their own room, with a huge family room for the kids to spend their time in downstairs and a nice living room and kitchen for the adults to chat in.  A group went to the Buffalo Bill Museum one afternoon, and Tanner said it was pretty cool cuz there were lots of guns.  We went to the LDS church and saw the murals of the pioneers on the walls and learned a little history about the area.  Then each family broke off and did their own thing.  We went to visit Lindsay Stephens and her cute kids that live in Cody, and then had lunch at a yummy restaurant.  Dave had fish tacos and said they were so good he would come back to to Cody just for the tacos.  We then went to a miniatures museum and learned the history of the indians in a display of little figurines.  There were probably thousands of these little men, like the ones on Night at the Museum but of course not alive.  There were also train tracks and trains that moved.  It was very cool.  We of course had Christmas together multiple times as the kids opened presents from Grandpa and Grandma one morning, then that night opened presents from other cousins, and then later the adults had a white elephant gift exchange.  We all laughed and had a fun time with each other.  Dave and his I-pad were a real hit, and it is possible that this will be the only reason we get invited again.  :)  One of the white elephant gifts was a book called Awkward Family Photos.  We all laughed at the poses and faces in the book.  But, here, as I post these pics, I look at the "family" photos here and we really could have our own book.  I took lots of pics, and each one someone is looking away (grandpa) talking (Russell) or has their eyes closed (Marjie).  Braden was real happy to be in the one picture, and we thought an adult picture would be easy because we can all look at the camera and smile, right?  Wow, maybe not!

For the white elephant exchange I ended up with the "family photos" book, and Dave got and eye-pad.  :)

Tanner and Flynt

Mandy and Ivan drove home with us, and then stayed in the hotel with us in Missoula on the way home.  The boys were excited to have Emma and Levi to swim with and play with, and I was grateful to have them for company and it seems safer to know that there is someone you know that will stop if you need help.  Thankfully we didn't!  We spend New Year's Eve in the hotel, and even though we were too tired to make it to midnight, it was a fun night.

We got home on  Sunday afternoon.  Again, good roads, and it seemed to be faster coming home than getting there.  Before bed we had a little "bubbly" and blow horns and kissed Happy New Years.  It was so fun to do with our little boys!