Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day after Christmas

Grandma made cookies with the kids today.  It was quite a job to get all the right colors of frosting for everyone and the right shapes NOT in the middle of the rolled out dough.  But ooohhhh yummy.

 Sabree doesn't like holidays much.  Maybe mom eats too much junk and it makes for upset tummy.  But, for a small moment, Sabree sat by herself and played with Brady's new blocks.

Tonight we are going to a fancy restaurant with Grandpa because it is a tradition he want to carry on from Grandma Pat.  Hopefully we have well-mannered kids.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Christmas has morning the boys woke up at 7:30 am and we went downstairs to see what Santa brought us.  Boy were we spoiled!!!

Santa brought Sabree new baby monitors
 Brady got a new a hot wheels car
 Tanner got a new betta fish
 and so did Colt
After opening all our presents, we had a delicious breakfast of Christmas tree pancakes.

Then everyone got dressed and showed off their gifts while playing games and watching movies and playing with our new stuff.

We got to talk to Auntie on her mission in Texas, and then the best gift of all....a white Christmas!!

Grandma and Grandpa had a foreign exchange student years ago that taught them to make snow lanterns, so they showed us how.  It glowed for a really long time, until the top caved in and put out the candle.

I got to play with my new gift too, a Bosch mixer!!  We had yummy rolls for dinner and cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next day.

What a fun day.  After watching the Lorax as a family, the kids went to bed and the adults played Wits and Wagers.  We ended up playing 5 rounds because someone (me) didn't fully read the instructions, but it was fun and we all laughed and learned some new useless info!  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

here come the tumble weeds

After a terrible windstorm, everyone always looks out the window to see what kind of damage is in the yard.  Are your roof shingles on the lawn, is the tramp in the neighbor's yard,  are the trees still standing?

This is what we found....

Clean up is of course a bugger.  We called the city and if we had more than 50 tumbleweeds they would bring a dumpster for us to put them in.  Since we were over-qualified, they brought one.

After about 10 minutes it was filled to the brim, and Dave realized just what a task he had at hand.  When the city came to dump the dumpster, Dave asked about burning the weeds.  We knew you can burn them if they are on your property, but that would also burn our house down.  The city guy said he would take them into the back field and do it.  So, that is what we did.  Wow, what a big job.  Good thing Daddy has such great helpers!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Sunday

After a very nice program at Church, we had to take pics, again, in our nice Sunday outfits under the tree.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Kate

For my birthday I REALLY wanted to go dancing.  I looked up clubs and dancing places and was really working on Dave to take me dancing.  Then a friend called and asked if she could take me to dinner, and Dave said I should go and we could go dancing another time. (I am holding him to it!!)  Julie and Mindy picked me up for dinner and we drove around for a minute and then they blindfolded me and drove around like crazies for a while and then we ended at Lindes where my friends were waiting for a surprise party.  How fun!!

We ate subway sandwiches, DANCED on dance pads, visited, opened presents, (I got a sweet underwater camera to take to Hawaii and some great pj pants and warm socks) and had a great time.  I was very grateful for everyone's help in putting it together for me.  I have the best friends!!!