Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy Sunday!

A beautiful spring Sunday, and some pictures of cute, crazy kids!  We sure love them!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A beautiful day on the slopes

We happened upon some discount tickets to Blue Wood Ski Resort and decided to take the day and enjoy the slopes.  We haven't been skiing in 7 years, and before that it was longer than that.  We were both so pleased with how quickly it came back.  (I personally believe that our watching of the winter Olympic games this year made a big difference as we were able to improve our technique and skills by watching the pros.)

Ned and Ashley went with us and it was so fun to go on runs with such good friends.  Sometimes Ash and I would take an easy slow run and the men would go down crazy runs, and sometimes we had a great time going down all together.

The day was so beautiful and perfect.  I wouldn't have changed one minute of the whole thing!!  Hopefully we will be able to teach our kids to ski next year.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leprechaun Dash

The school sent home information about a fun 1 mile run that the local schools would be getting money for their PE programs if they had the most students participate.  I had been wanting our kids to to the run at Christmas time, but the weather was a deterrent, so I signed them up for this one instead. (plus it was free).  We met at the designated spot  on Saturday morning, and the boys ran their little hearts out.  We were so proud of them.  When they came into sight we were so happy to see that they had kept up with each other and were looking strong.  I ran with them the last little bit, and was so proud when they finished their very first 1 mile run in a little over 12 minutes!!  Way to go guys!!

After running some errands that morning we stopped at Yoplicity for a yogurt treat.  A kind man was impressed with our little family and paid for our whole bill.  We thanked him graciously and his reply was, "keep up the good work".  So kind!  

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Basketball Stars

Tanner and Colton played rec basketball this year.  It was really fun as Tanner had lots of kids from school, scouts, and the neighborhood on his team, and Colton had lots of his friends on his team. It make the games and practices fun and easy to watch too.  (Plus carpooling was awesome!)

The boys really improved this year.  Both boys made at least one basket during the games and they looked forward to games and practice every week.  It did make life crazy as Tanner had practice on Tuesday and Friday and Colton had practice Monday and Wednesday, and all games were on Saturday, most of the time overlapping in times.  We really looked forward to nothing on Thursdays.

We won't ever be the super athletes, but it is so fun to get out there and have a good time!