Saturday, February 16, 2013


For our 10 year anniversary we wanted to go on a trip.  We had been thinking it would be in the Fall, but when we found round trip airline tickets for $300 per person, we knew we had to do it now!!  Here are some of the good times we had:

Snorkeling:  Just a few of the hundred cool pics of neat fish!

The view from our condo:

Pearl Harbor:

The Polynesian Cultural Center:

Other Misc Fun:

There are a million other pics I could add, but these will have to do for now!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

All Things Batman

Braden decided that for his 4th birthday, he wanted an "everything batman" party.  He has been looking forward to his birthday for a long time, since all of his friends are already 4, and it just doesn't seem right that he was left behind.

I needed a project to get rid of some January blahs, so we had a great time.

I made a cool batman invite, batman shirts and capes, a batman pinata, a sweet cake, and came up with some fun game ideas.  It was defiantly all things batman, and oh so fun!  And, no girls were allowed, too.

 We had to make bad guys and criminals for batman to destroy
 Then everyone stood in a line and threw balls at their bad guys.

 The pinata was very tough.  Daddy had to give it a whack or two to soften it up a bit.
 but everyone was pretty excited about the prizes inside!

Then we played pin the "whack, wam, pow, bam, bang, chop" on Joker
And last but not least we did super hero poses on bubble wrap.
 I tried to put 3 candles on the cake, but luckily Braden's friend Vincent caught my mistake and we got that fourth one on just in time.
Brady hit the Batman jackpot with gifts!  William gave him a batman motorcycle
 Vincent gave him an autobot bulldozer and an angry bird
 Ryan gave him a batman monster truck
 We gave him a RC batmobile
 And Jameson gave him a batman superhero figure, a spiderman puzzle, and a barrel of monkeys!
 It was one bat-tastic day!  And the best part of all is that it was 60 degrees and sunny and we did the whole thing in the backyard!!!!

Since today is Brady's real birthday, we opened the present from Grandma & Grandpa Mills this morning, after waffles with ice cream.  He loves his tractor!!