Saturday, August 31, 2013

Labor Day Camping

We went camping for Labor Day to Teancum Timbers.  This is the church campground that our ward always goes to for Fathers and Sons.  We invited a bunch of families to come with us, but we only had two families join us.  The boys were so excited to go and do the zipline.  We also went for a little hike.  We had a wonderful time, but were glad to leave the yellow jackets behind.  These little buzzing, stinging buggers weren't so fun.  I got stung in the foot when one was in my sleeping bag and also on the lip while hiking.  To try to lure them away from our lunch we gave them a piece of ham lunch meat. It was fascinating to watch them chew off chunks and carry them away.  They ate the whole piece of ham while we ate our sandwiches.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First day of school

Hurray!  School is back in session and life is getting back to a normal routine.  Tanner's most exciting part is riding the bus.  The boys ride the bus this year because our school is getting remodeled so they are being bussed to a different school.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Father's Blessings

A very important family tradition in our lives is Father's Blessings before school starts.  Sabree thought it was a great idea too.

the BEST big brothers

Sabree has the best big brothers.  We went bowling for one last time before school started, and since Kids-Bowl-Free, everyone had a great time.  When it was Sabree's turn to bowl, Brady would grab the ball, Tanner would grab the ramp, and Colt would hold her hand walk her to the lane, then they would all help her get her ball to where it needed to go.  She is one lucky little girl!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ward Campout

Our ward had it's first ward campout at Bing Canyon.  Although there weren't many families that were adventurous enough to come, our small group had a great time.  We ate hotdogs over the fire, then enjoyed scones for dessert, listened to "Porter Rockwell" tell us stories around the fire, played with glow sticks in the dark, slept in a tent, played the iphone with Sabree at 3 am (not fun), and had a yummy breakfast together and pushed handcarts before leaving.  There was also a tree swing that the kids enjoyed playing on.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fair Fun

I have a soft spot for the fair, and an even softer spot for the rodeo.  The boys have been begging to go to a rodeo since they heard about Strawberry Days in PG, so we made sure we took them.  On kids day the fair is free for the kids that read with the library and the rodeo is free with a fair admission.  What a deal!

I took the kids and my friend Marielle and her daughter to the fair in the morning and we walked around and experienced the fair, including some very overpriced carnival rides.    Then we went home and came back with Daddy for the Rodeo.  We left Sabree with Sheri Schwab for the evening.  Braden was very excited for the bulls, and it kept him sitting just fine all night until that last event.    Then we walked around and had snow cones.  I love days like this!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fair Parade

When it comes to any other holiday, Kennewick is lame and has no parade.  But for the Fair they go crazy.    The parade was quite impressive, and they threw so much candy the kids were getting picky and leaving stuff on the road if it wasn't their favorite.  Sabree is no dummy and she figured out how to get that candy too.  We came home with a ridiculous amount of candy.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Fish Hook Camping

Squeezing in camping trips is one of my favorite things to do, (much to Dave's chagrin, most of the time) so I reserved a spot to Fish Hook during the week so we could take the boat and play all evening and sleep in a tent.  It is right across the street from Dave's work, so it was a perfect spot for him.  Unfortunately he was stuck in meetings until dinner time so we didn't get to boat as much as we wanted, but the little we did was super fun.  They boys are getting crazy brave on the tube.  Tanner stands and Braden hangs off and Colt kneels on the back.  Even Sabree likes the tube.  Crazy Colt lost his tooth on the boat.  We lose our teeth in the weirdest places!  Tanner lost his last one in sacrament meeting.