Saturday, September 29, 2012


Colton has been playing soccer this Fall.  It has been really fun to play soccer on a real team, not just city rec.  We are playing with the South Hills Church program, and there are a few kids from our ward that play too, one of them is on Colt's team.  Colt looks so handsome in his soccer uniform.  He has practice on Thursday nights, and the games are every Saturday morning through October.  Colton is having a very fun time playing.  He runs around the field giggling nearly the whole time.  At times it is simply "magnet ball" that the kids play, but some of the kids grasp the concept and they keep the game going. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Despite my concerns and hesitations, Brady is doing preschool with the little group his friends are in.  And, much to my surprise, he LOVES it!  He gets so excited to go to school, and he is delighted to come home and show everyone what he made or is learning.  My little boy is growing up.
(The first day of preschool was 9-11, hence the flag in the background.)