Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Big 6!

For Braden's birthday he decided to have a super bowl birthday party.  He invited 6 of his friends and we were going to have his party on the weekend and then Brady got the crud and didn't feel great so we post- poned it until his birthday and did it before school since these boys all have afternoon kindergarten. He was very concerned that his brother's be there, so we pulled them out of school for the morning so they could be a part of the fun.

The weather was crummy so we went to the church and used the gym.  We started with pin-the-ball in the field goal, then to a team cheer, stretches and warm ups, and then super bowl training.  They had to jump over the boxes, sit on a balloon to pop it, kick a football, run in figure 8s between the bottles, and throw a football into the hula hoop.  Everyone had a fun time, and of course got a super bowl ring at the end (ring pop).  I was so glad for Jinni's help!  Then we had hotdogs and chips for lunch, an awesome cake and ice cream, and opened presents.  He got lots of fun sporty things and had a great time! After we played in the gym for a while and wore them all out, I dropped them off at school in time for kindergarten.

Nathan Thomas

Quinn Schumaker

Isaac Marks

Breyson Mackay

Maddox Mansius

Mac Wellsandt