Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flutter Free

It was time to let our Painted Ladies go.  (Mostly cuz I was tired of worrying about feeding them and such.)  So, on a FINALLY sunny and less-windy day, we let them flutter free.

Did you know that a Painted Lady butterfly can fly up to 1,000 miles in it's lifetime, which averages 2-4 weeks?  In that time they can lay up to 500 eggs.  (seems like a lot of work for a short life!)

 This is our crippled friend.  His wing came out bent like that.  He can't fly, so we hope that he enjoys his new life on the flowers, or wherever the wind might take him. (I am trying not to be emotional about it.)

 The skeletons of the chrysallis's.  Can you tell I am fascinated by the whole process?
And a few pics of the colors in my yard.  I felt like everything was so plain.  So, I spruced it up the best I could with flower and pots and roses.  The front yard is nicely landscaped with rocks, which look nice but aren't the most gardener friendly.  Hard to plant flowers through.  So, I made do, and I am quite happy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh the fun we have been having...

I have always been bugged by people who say that they are too busy, because I think we are only as busy as we let ourselves become.  And, I would like to say, I have become too busy! So, the lat few weeks I have been trying to cut out the extra stuff and just do what I want to do.  Here are some of the highlights...

For Easter the boys got a Butterfly garden.  We ordered the caterpillers and watched them grow to 3 or 4 times their size, and then hang upside down and turn into J's, and then crysallis's.  It was really fascinating. 

Then after about 10 days, they emerged into butterflies.  We had 5 caterpillers, one of the butterflies was born with only 1 wing, and 1 has a lame wing that is like folded over, but the other 3 are healthy and fluttery. They are called Painted Ladies, and are orange and pretty when they are open, but when closed, look similar to a moth.  (Although Tanner would tell you they aren't a moth because moths have wings that are hooked together and butterflies are separate.)  You can see the chrysallis skelatons here too.

 Oh, can't forget the FHE fishing trip we had and Tanner was the only one that caught one.  He said to put this picture on so Uncle J could see it.
 They have started the splash parks since we finally have some warm weather, so we enjoyed a picnic and splash park last week with our friends Ashlee and Ryan.  We like to spend lots of time with them.

Friday night Dave decided to take the boys camping, in the backyard.  They were so excited!!  We borrowed the neighbor's fire pit and roasted marshmallows and sang songs.  The boys love some of the silly girls camp songs and ask me to sing my "Me that live on temporary housetop, me that live on 31st and floor.  Me that carry itsy bitsy laundry, ruffles on the petticoats, 10 cents more.  Me like a meow meow better than and chow chow. Me like a a hunk-a-hunk-a, he like-a me.  Way down Hong Kong bigg-a momma come-along-a, take away my hunk-a hunk-a.  Poor chinese."  (Yes, Suzette, I do think this song is appropriate to teach my children!)

We slept in the tent but it ended up being a windy night and at about 3 am I got up and came to my own bed where I didn't have to hear the rain fly whapping against the tent.  It was a fun evening. We are lucky to have such a fun Dad!

Tanner has been doing soccer with the city for the last 6 weeks, and I am OVERJOYED that this was our last week.  It wasn't very organized, and it was every Saturday at 9 am, which is simply not a good idea for me.  But Tan had fun and really likes soccer.

I have been doing a bit of crafting lately.  I have decided that I really like to use my Cricut, and have done some fun things for myself and others.

my laundry room

Mom's family room - her family tree

Gifts I am making for friend's b-days.  They are on 4 inch tiles

For Tanner's teacher.  On a 6 inch tile.
I also made a really nice sign for my Mom's wall, but I don't have a pic.

This week we are having a yard sale, and hoping for more sunshine.  I am so looking forward to the wind slowing down, (stopping would be a miracle), and maybe having my garden grow?  I am also anxious for school to get out and am trying to plan some vacations this summer.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

a funny dance

For Relief Society they had a talent show and a group of gals and I did a Riverdance spoof.  It isn't perfect, but that was kind of the point.  It was fun to do, and certainly a good workout.  Check it out here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i LOVE mother's day

What could be better than a day when you are truly celebrated!!??!  I woke up to breakfast in bed, delicious waffles and sausage and fruit smoothie, laid around and read my book, then got in the bubble bath and read uninterupted for 1 hour.  Then at church the youth took over so I had no responsibilities, enjoyed Sunday School and RS.  For dinner Dave and I worked together and made homemade coconut shrimp and fries.  It was ssso yummy.  
this is what was left after Dave and I ate our weight in these babies...

 Dave bought me hanging flowers for my front porch, and an undercabinet radio so I can rock out while I cook.  Tanner make a cute magnet with his handprint at school, and Colt make a beautiful heart laced with ribbon at preschool.  I love being a mom, and I love that my kids are big enough to write that they love me, and draw pictures of me and act like they appreciate me.  What a wonderful day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun weekend!

Friday night was Father & sons outing, so Dave and the 2 big boys went camping.  They had such a wonderful time.  Tan and Colt were so excited to go, Colt asked me every day all week what day it was and how many days until Friday, and Tanner told his teacher at school on Friday that his stomach hurt because he was so excited to go.  It was very rainy and not warm but they had such a great time. 

Saturday when they got home we had lunch and then went to to Kids Fishing Day at the park.  We decided to go as a family this year.  Tanner was the only one that got the fishing pole and shirt, but we all took turns fishing.

We were in the last group of the day, and I think the fish were tired of biting, so sadly, this is all we caught.
 After fishing we took the train around the park.  It was fun.
 Then we played in the park for 10 minutes before heading home for naps and Saturday stuff that needed to be done.

They stock the fishing pond, and we are going to go back on Monday for family night and see if we can catch us a big fish.  I love days when we spend the day together and just enjoy each other.