Sunday, February 26, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

I knew Dave had something up his sleeve, but what I wasn't quite sure.  On Valentine's Day I opened a card from him to find the ticket information for airline tickets to Las Vegas.  We left the following Wednesday, Feb 22 and flew out of Pasco to Vegas that morning.  We flew home bright and early Friday morning so we were only gone 2 nights.  We had made arrangements to go to Blue Man Group that night and stayed at the MGM Grand.  We ate an awesome buffet dinner that ended up coming with our hotel room.  The crab legs, shrimp, prime rib, fish, salads, and other things were great, but nothing compared to the wonderful little desserts.  Had we known, we probably would have started with them!

 The Blue Man Group was so much fun.  We both laughed until we cried. It was worth every penny!

It was a LONG walk for a little pregnant girl to get to the show on time, and then getting back to our hotel was another LONG walk, but it was fun to see all the "sights" on the way to and from. Vegas is a crazy place that really comes to life at night.

Thursday we spent the day doing whatever we wanted.  We explored the different shops and casinos, enjoyed the M&M World, ate when we wanted, stopped when we wanted, and didn't have anyone to check in with or worry about.  It was so fun to just be us and to remember how much fun we really do have when we are together.

 Of course we had to try our hand at a little gambling.  Lost our whole dollar in the penny slots within minutes.  Good thing it was only a dollar!

 Thursday night we went to dinner with friend that moved to Vegas a few months ago.  It was fun to catch up and visit with people we enjoy.  Then we caught more night sights on the way back to our hotel (and of course had to shield our eyes from some of the sights as well.  Definately Sin City!)

Wonderful friends took the boys during the day and at night a couple from the ward came and stayed at the house and got the boys dinner, bed, and breakfast.  It worked out so nicely, and the boys had such a fun time they keep asking when Tyson and Chelsea are coming to babysit again.  I don't think they missed us at all!  And to be honest, we didn't really miss them either!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeling sure

I thought I had already done this...guess not.

When we had our first ultrasound at the hospital the ultrasound tech was very "challenged" by the fact that he couldn't tell the gender of our baby.  He told us to come back in 4 weeks and he would look again.  So, at almost 24 weeks, on Feb 16th, Dave and I ran to the hospital and had the tech take another peek.  Here is what he saw:

 This it the 3D ultrasound.  It reall looks like a baby.  She had her arms up by her face the whole time so it was hard to get a full face shot, but I see the little profile of a real baby!!

There is nothing between those little legs!!  IT'S A GIRL!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Since we had our first theme night, Safari, the boys have been begging to do it again.  I told them we would do it one weekend night each month, so the weekend before Valentine's Day we had heart night.

We had a heart dinner in a wacky menu, the boys picking each item with a name of a valentine word in any order they wanted, and then I decided what each word represented and served it in the order they decided.  So, Brady got dessert first, salads next, and pizza last.  Tanner got his drink and fork and spoon as first course, pizza next, and dessert last, and Colt had his salad first, dessert next, and pizza last.  It was fun to do and everyone had a great time.

Then we played heart search (find the hidden conversation hearts in the family room,) heart bingo, valentine matching games, and told each other why we loved them. 

It was a fun night. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our baby is 3!

Braden turned three and is now lots bigger!  You should see how long his arms are now!

Brady has a slight obsession with Cars 2 right now, so we had a super Cars 2 birthday party.  I must admit that the Mater cake was AMAZING!!!

We were so lucky that Uncle Ike and Aunt Mandy and Emmalee and Levi came for the weekend.  Boy was it a long week waiting for Friday to get here for them to come.  Brady got a lot of Cars toys, Mater especially cuz he is the best!  We talked to Gpa and Gma Peterson on skype and that was fun.  Gma and Gpa Mills sent him a John Deere shirt. 

The kids had a fun time playing together and when they left on Saturday evening Tanner went to bed and sobbed.  He laid on the floor with a garbage can and box of kleenex and cried until his garbage was nearly full.  (We were at Adult Session Stake Conference and came home to find him unconsoleable.)  He sure loves his cousins!  And Tanner keeps saying that he wants Emma to come to his birthday party, the end of April.  Hope they put that on their calendar cuz it just won't be the same without them!