Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day!

We love it when Daddy and Tanner have the day off!  What a fun day we had!

Dave has all these great plans for our back yard, and he now has Spring Fever.  He wants to fix and stain our fence, move sprinklers, plan trees, build a shed, extend our patio, build a pergola, and make a sandbox and grow boxes.  Today we worked together as a family and made grow boxes for our garden this year.  The boys helped measure and draw the cut lines, and then daddy and wimpy mommy screwed them together.   

Then we cut the wood to make a sand box.  We had 2 pieces of non-pretreated wood, so the boys painted them with weatherproofer.  They also painted the tips of their shoes, the legs of their pants, and other random places.  While they painted, mom wiped off things that shouldn't be painted.

For lunch we went to Eatza Pizza - a pizza buffet in Pasco.  Dave says that there must be some unwritten law that pizza buffets can only have mediocre pizza.  But, it was on $1.99 each kid and then we did arcade games afterward. It was the experience that counts!

With the latest excercize craze at our house we decided to get new running shoes, and since Big 5 was having a big sale we headed there.  They don't carry kid shoes, so just Mom and Dad got shoes.  We'll see if we can find some new basketball/soccer shoes for Tanner somewhere else.  Maybe they will help him run faster!

Then home for a nap for Brady, and Tanner and Colty and I went to see our friend's new baby.  He was 5 weeks early and is now 5 lbs.  He is so tiny.  I told the boys on the way there that they need to wash their hands as soon as we got there before they touched him.  I was telling them he was so tiny, and Tanner said, "yeah, but I bet he has a big head."  I said, "no, it is so little."  And Tanner said, "I bet as tiny as a germ."  When we got there and they saw him Colt said, "Woah, he is a lot littler than I thought."  He really is so small.  His ear is the size of a quarter.  It was fun to sit and hold the baby while the kids played.  I just can't get over how little he is though.

Then our friends Somer and Caleb came over for tacos and FHE.  Dave gave a lesson on what President's Day is and gave an interesting facts quiz on Lincoln and Washington.  It was fun to get to know about them more.  Tanner learned about them in school, so he knew a lot of the answers.  Did you know that Washington only had 1 tooth of his own, the rest were made from human, cow, and hippo?  Did you know that Lincoln was the tallest president at 6 feet 4 inches?  Then we made stovetop hats.

What a fun day!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's New

Tanner has started playing a city rec basketball. He is doing it with his neighbor friend, and it has been fun to watch him. I am sad to report that he got his mom's athletic abilities, much to the frustration of his dad. But, Tanner has a fun time playing and is a good sport. (Mostly he doesn't have any competitiveness to him). Tanner is a pretty good shot at the hoop, making it 4 out of 5 times, but the dribbling needs some work. He seems to have weird issues with his socks and thinks he needs to pull them up all the time.

Dave and I got a 21 day membership to the gym right behind our home.  It was $9, so we decided to give it a try.  Dave is really gung-ho.  He wanted a gym membership this whole winter, but then bummed his foot so that didn't work out the way he hoped.  But he is being good about what he eats and is trying to cut some weight.  I am proud of him.  After he got home from the gym for the 2nd time the other day, he and the boys started practicing "exercises". 

sit ups

bench pressing baby

bench pressing Colty and Caillou

bench pressing Caillou

bench pressing momma

up-downs  (he still has it after all these years!)

jumping jacks
Can't you see the pounds just dropping off!

And finally, if there were a big score board somewhere the kept track of the good things our kids do that are a reflection of the things they learn at home, we would a point as parents this week.

Earlier in the week I was watching some TLC show about wedding dresses.  At the end Tanner started watching with me.  It showed the couple's wedding on the beach in Hawaii.  Tanner said, "What are they doing? "  I said, "getting married."  "But they aren't in the temple."  So then we discussed that sometimes people make choices and they don't get married in the temple, but where do we want to get married?  "The temple!"

The the next day I was watching a Hallmark movie while folding the laundry, and at the end of the movie the rich man proposes to the lower class gal (happy ending - I love Hallmark!) and the movie ended.  Tanner said, "now what."  I said, "well they will get married."  "Where?"  I said, "Where do you think?"  He looks up at me and says, "probably the temple, (pause), or the beach."

And today, when he got home from church he went upstairs to draw (his creative juices have really been flowing this week as he has gone through at least half a ream of paper drawing) and came down with this:

I think I get a point for this.  And maybe his primary teacher can a have a point too! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gone on business

Dave did a lot of travelling the last month on "business".  In January he went to Pocatello for the Ag Show and Potato School.  He and a buddy from work drove together and spent 3 or so days in Idaho.  I was very jealous that I didn't get to go.  (Not for the potato part, but for the social aspect.  I am sure I could have something fun to do in that area.)    Then last week he and another co-worker went to the Tulare Ag Show for the whole week.  They left Monday morning at 5 am and flew to Fresno.  They went to a nut farm owned by the Church, and then Tuesday and Wednesday they spent "working" at the Ag show.  He said it was like the County Fair on steroids.   He saw the latest and greatest in technology and other such farm stuff, got to drive four-wheelers and trucks, get a new collection of hats, and enjoy the sunshine every day.

On Thursday they had had enough, so they went to the Sequoia forest.   There were 5 guys from AgriNW there, so they went together.  Dave said it was amazing to see those HUGE trees.
Friday they slept in, went to a matinee, then caught their plane and made it home just before midnight.  So, they basically were gone for a week, got to see new equipment, try new things, go new places, play in the sun, and eat way to much food - all on the company's dime.  And, might I add, miss all 3 of his kids taking turns with the throw-ups.  Aren't business trips great! 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awww, shucks, it happened again!

Another one grows up too fast....our baby is now 2.

 Braden loves to blow out candles.  Anytime we even discuss his birthday, he blows.  He could hardly wait to blow the candles out, and we had to re-light one a few times. 
We had our friends the Webb's over for a little party.  Kaylee and Braden are best frenemies.  They are 6 months apart, and Braden is less than nice to her most of the time.  Bronx and the my other boys are best friends.
 We had a Mickey Mouse cake. 
 Brady got a few new puzzles, a Tutu head, (Mr. Potato Head), a chapstick--since he is a bit addicted and maybe will now leave mine alone, and a toothbrush.

 He got a boat and a bubbles stick from his friends.

We had such a fun day.  Braden and I went shopping while Colty was at preschool.  This afternoon we ate popcorn and had breakfast for dinner because Braden's favorite of all favorite things to eat is sausage.

He is starting to say all sorts of things, and can carry on a pretty good conversation.  He talked to Grandma on the phone the other day and answered all her questions clearly.  He also prays - which is awsome because my ohter boys have just started to do that regularly without complaint.  Braden is a spit fire, but we sure love him, and can't believe he is now two.  Wow, how time flies!