Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 3- Newport Beach

Friday morning we slept in, had a delicious breakfast made by the men, and swam in the pool all morning.

After lunch we headed to the Newport Beach.  It was a perfect day.  We could see dolphins out in the water swimming and the kids loved the waves, the little girls loved the sand, the men made sand castles, and we all loved the sunshine (except for maybe Amanda- she is not a beach girl).

We stopped at the Newport Temple on our way home for a quick pic in front of a pink temple.  It is beautiful.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 2- Disneyland

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Disneyland seemed a lot busier than California Adventure the day before.  Dave talked me into getting a wheelchair since it was so hard for me to keep up and keep going.  It was a beautiful hot day again.  The big kids did the rides all together, so Grandma and the littles and I hit the Winnie the Pooh ride and stood in line to hug the characters.  Sabree and Drew were both so excited to see Tigger, Sabree was scared of Eeyore, and all the kids were able to meet up with us to hug Winnie.   All the rides we did had long lines, and we spent a lot of time waiting for the rest of our group or waiting for the next ride.  We went home for lunch and swam and rested, and then came back in the evening when it wasn't so hot.  Sabree and Avery and I had a wonderful time at the Big Parade.  Sabree took a million pictures and it was so fun.  Then we went through the castle and did the fun kid rides and I think It's a Small World was one of everyone's favorite.  Instead of all the characters singing "It's a Small World" they all sing "Jingle Bells" in the different languages.  We stayed to see the fireworks show at the end and then fought the crowds and headed home.  It was a wonderful, magical day!




Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Day 1- California Adventure

Wednesday was our first day at the Parks.  We started at California Adventure. First stop was the Cars Ride, and while the big kids did that Drew and Sabree and I hit some of the kiddie rides.  We rode Mater and then went to the tire run where Dawn met up with us.  We had to wait in lines for 15-25 minutes, and the kiddos weren't very patient and Sabree was quite sure she was going to starve to death while we waited.  But they loved the rides and wanted to do them again.  Luckily Dawn could take them right back on cuz we would take turns with Lena and she could use a parent switch pass (or something like that).  Fun for the kids.

 Soarin' Over California is one of everyone's favorite.

 We got to watch a play of Disney Jr. Shows - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sophia the First & Doc McStuffins.  It was very fun and everyone liked it, but Sabree LOVED it.  We have been prepping her for Disneyland with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so it was all familiar to her.

 We got fast passes to most of the rides so we didn't have to wait too long in lines.  I got to go back and do the Cars Ride with a Fast Pass.  It was really fun!

One of my favorite things is the amazing extras that Disney does.  The Pixar Parade was awesome.

Our family went home shortly after the parade so everyone could get some rest before Disneyland the next day.