Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Starting the middle of October we had some Halloween fun when Tanner had to dress up and carve a pumpkin for Pack Night.  He wanted to be something scary, so we found a cape at Goodwill and did the Dracula thing.  He was delighted to be white faced and black haired.  He carved a green pumpkin from our very garden into Frankenstein and got the "Frankly the best" award.  Lots of people made comments about his creative pumpkin.  He did it all himself, for the most part, and did a remarkable job.

Then the next weekend the boys had a costume birthday party to go to.  Tanner was Drac again and Colt decided to be Frank.  He makes a great Frankenstein, don't you think?

 Brady's preschool Halloween party he decided to be Dracula.  (We got good use out of our $5 cape this year!)  He looked spooktacular with black hair and blood running down his chin.
 The ward Trunk or treat was the 29th.  We dressed up in our family costumes, the Peter Pan crew.  We looked awesome!  Everyone was excited to dress up, except Sabree.  She hated her costume and pulled and tugged on it all night.  I don't understand why, but she wasn't happy about it.  There was a big fluffy tutu that went with the costume but there was NO WAY I was getting her into that!

 Wednesday, October 30th was Pumpkin Patch day with Brady's preschool. Daddy met us out there and we had a super fun time.  I realized that this is the 4th year in a row that we have done the pumpkin patch with a preschool group.  Aren't we lucky!

 That night we carved our pumpkins.  Colton is a little freakish about touching pumpkin guts, but if he wore a glove he would do it.  (Please note the pretty bow in Dave's hair).  I was super impressed with our cool pumpkins this year.  It is kind of fun to do something besides a face.

 Halloween night we dressed up again and traipsed through the neighborhood to get more treats.  Sabree was in a better mood about things, and gosh is she so cute.  Everyone would make a comment about our sweet little Tinkerbell.  She finally got the knock and get candy thing, and although she never said "Thank you" to the people, she did say it over and over all night.  At some houses the people would give her candy and she would reach in her bucket and try to give them something in return.  She also thought that we should eat each piece the minute they gave it to us.  At one house she was eating dots and would not leave until the lady took one of the gummy dots from her hand.  It is so nice to share. We got the mother load and I stashed most of it away for another day.  I don't like the scary, bloody, gory, death part of Halloween, but I love the carving, dressing up and having fun together part.  Definitely a favorite holiday for me!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Family Pictures

I can't even express how happy I am with the results!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy 35 Birthday, Davey

Davey got spoiled rotten this year for his birthday. I guess he deserved it.  Harvest is over and we are so happy he is home more now.  He wanted to take the boys to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and although Tanner begged to go to Granny's Buffet instead, everyone was happy with their dinner choices.  They tried to sing to Dave, but the party pooper wouldn't sit on the saddle, so Tanner did it for him.  He was really cute.

Then we went to Sportman's Warehouse and got Dave's present - a 12 gauge shotgun.  He has wanted one for a really long time, and has finally decided that this year he is going goose hunting.  We came home and had Target cake and ice cream and opened a few other gifts.  He is one special guy and we are lucky he is ours!