Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tanner and Colton are playing Tball this spring, and it has been so fun to watch them and enjoy their games.  They are on the same team and have a great coach that is one of the players moms.  She is enthusiastic and really wants the kids to learn and have fun.  We have games on Tuesday and Thursday most weeks until the middle of June.  Each week the kids do a little bit better.  It has been a great experience.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mariner's Game

Dave got 4 free tickets to the Seattle Mariner's Game from work.  We debated about who should go, but since there are 5 of us and I am really not in any mood to go sit for hours on end, we decided to invite a "true" Mariner's fan, our friend Russ Carlson, and me and Brady could go play with Emily and Mirian while the boys did the baseball thing.  Carlson's live in Yakima, about an hour from here and on the way to Seattle, so it was perfect.  After Tanner's 1st Grade program we headed out.  The boys dropped off me and Brady and then headed onward.  Dave thought it would be fun, but that the boys would probably get bored after a while and they would come home early.  He was wrong.  They all LOVED it and were enthralled and engaged the whole time.  We made posters for them to hold up and hopefully get on the big screen with, but they didn't.  They got first ball game certificates and baseball cards (which Tanner will treasure forever) and of course ate hotdogs at the stadium.  After the game they drove back to Yakima and we spent the night and then came home in the morning. 

Braden and I had fun visiting and having pizza.  Emily and I got a sitter and went and got pedicures (with the awesomest flowers) and then frozen yogurt and a chic flick.  It was so fun to have a girls night and not have to hear anyone whine about a girl movie that we both really enjoyed! 

It is fun to get away sometimes, and spend time with people we all enjoy!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Piano Recital

Tanner has been taking piano lessons this fall, and he is doing so well.  He really has artistic talent, music included.  His teacher, Ashley, is awesome and is always finding great songs that interest Tanner and force him to grow and learn.  Tanner practices a song  few times and then has the silly thing memorized.  He memorized 4 pieces for his recital, and did all of them like a pro!

taking a bow

Monday, May 7, 2012

Random pics

 Tanner LOVES legos!  They consume most of this thoughts and he is very creative and clever in the things he builds.
 He is also very imaginative and has fun using his brain!
 This is weirdo Auntie Amanda. She just got her mission call to Lubbuck, TX and we are very excited for her!  We hope they people of TX can handle her!
 Braden has learned to ride his bike.  It took lots of times up and down the sidewalk with lots of concentration, but he finally got it figured out.  And he was so delighted!

 Colt loves to be outside.  He is Daddy's best helper and is very kind to Braden when they aren't fighting.
4 weeks and counting!!! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

An answer to many prayers!

Well, it is official!! Our home in Sugar City, ID is finally sold!!  We headed up there the last weekend in April to sign on papers, make sure the renters had left it in good condition, and kind of say goodbye one last time. 

Thursday night we spend the night in Declo.  The boys love to see their cousins, and even though we never stay very long, it is fun that they get to know each other a little better every time.  We sure appreciate having family along the way!

Friday we had "business" to take care of, so the boys went with Grandpa and Grandma Peterson to hang out at Uncle Mark's house and visit with G. Grandma Peterson too.  It was very convenient that there was a cousin reception in Rexburg that weekend too.  It was nice that Dave and I could run and get some things done without our little helpers.  We made it to the bank, signed closing papers, and visited with Grandma Sonderegger at the nursing home.  That evening we were able to go dinner at the Sugar City 3rd Ward Adult dinner and dance.  It was so nice to say hello to some old friends and of course enjoy some not-fast food dinner.  Then we headed out to the reception to say hello there too.

We stayed the night in Rigby at Uncle Mark's home.  It was so nice of him to let us stay.  It was enjoyable to visit with him and Dad that night and we had the tastiest waffles and raspberries for breakfast.  Uncle Mark has a fun go-cart and four-wheeler that the boys enjoyed very much.

Saturday morning we stopped in Sugar City and picked up Mason Kinghorn and Matthew Taylor and met the big college kids an headed to Green Canyon for a Birthday swim.  We had such a wonderful time in the nice warm water.  We bought lunch there and Tanner opened a few more presents.  He loves gifts!

We then headed back to the house to get some small "projects" done for the buyer.  We had donuts for our birthday cake, and then the boys went off to play with friends while our Dad and Grandpa worked. 

That night we stayed with Aunt Carol and Uncle Ronnie.  It was so nice to be in their home.  We love being there and the boys were so good.  It was Ronnie's birthday so they had the kids over for tacos and it was fun to catch up with them.  Tanner was so sweet and kept calling Carol "grandma".  He made comment earlier in the week that it is hard to remember all his "grandmas".  We are lucky to have so many women in our lives that have been "grandmas" to us.  We all went to sacrament meeting together, then Tanner wanted to stay for Primary but the rest of us left to meet the buyer at the house for the final walk through.  She was impressed with everything and we felt good about it all too.  She will take good care of our first home.  So many memories, and yet, we are now ready to let go.
We drove home that night though Salmon, ID and stayed in Missoula, MT.  It was a lovely drive and we had never been that way before.  The boys travel so well -- it is really pleasant.  We stopped at Safeway in Missoula and picked up a little something for dinner at the hotel, had a good night's sleep, and then went swimming after breakfast.  We drove home on the windy, twisty roads through Kamiah and Koosia and Lewiston.  We thought it would be the same distance as going our usual way, but it was much longer.  But, nobody seemed to mind (except my poor pregnant body).  We drove Dave's new truck so the ride was much more roomy and smooth than the van and it was just fine.  We had a great time just being  together.
And so, prayers are answered.  Sometimes they they take 2 years longer than you expect, but we feel like the windows of heaven have been opened to us and are being blessed in abundance right now.