Friday, May 30, 2014

Ready for Kindergarten

Braden has officially graduated from preschool and is ready to start kindergarten TOMORROW!!  So disappointing to him that he has to wait until Fall.

Teacher Tammy had such a fun preschool group this year.  Braden make great little friends and really grew in lots of ways.  He never complained about going to preschool, and it was a wonderful experience all around.  He would go MWF from 9:30 to 12:30.  We did a few really fun field trips, did some awesome crafts, learned lots of neat things, and make it to the end!

Brady is such a smart boy and is growing up way to fast!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Keeping Busy

We have been doing lots of yard projects on our new house.  Keeping Davey busy assures he stays out of trouble.

First on his list was to get a riding lawn mower.  I insisted that he could mow it just fine with the mower we have, but he won that battle and it really is pretty fun. 
 Then we had a big bowl in our backyard so he brought home a dump truck and we got dirt from a friend and leveled our yard with 6 dumploads of dirt.  Then he rented a sod cutter and cut the sod for my garden (25x30) and a sport court (25x35), and two rows of raspberries.  Everyone worked together to roll the sod and move it over to the newly leveled dirt in the yard.  It's really amazing just how heavy sod can be.

 We hired a backhoe in the neighborhood that was digging a neighbor's pool to dig a hole for our trampoline.  We ordered a new tramp from amazon, a big 15 footer, and Dave got that all put in the ground and finished this week as well.

Dave brought the dump truck home from work again with a load of gravel and covered the sport court for a base so we can get concrete done this week hopefully.

Our sliding door had to be replaced because it was broken, and they finally came and took care of that.  We also had 3 windows with broken seals that had to be replaced, and it only took 3 tries to get the right windows here in whole pieces.

I finally made a decision on curtains for our big sliding door.  It wasn't easy but I love them.  Then I got pictures hung on the walls, so now it feels like we are really moved in.