Sunday, June 26, 2011

A fun Saturday

The last few weeks it has been so fun that the boys could go out to "check potatoes" with Daddy.  I got invited this week.  The fields are growing like crazy, and the boys love to pick off the baby potatoes on the plants that Daddy digs up to check on.  It is so fun to ride in Daddy's "cool truck".  We also stopped at the last cellar to stock up on spuds before they are all gone, and harvest comes in the Fall.  It is so neat to find potatoes as big as a foot!

Then we got pizza for lunch, and headed to Home Depot and Walmart because our Daddy finally decided that we need a swingset.  (Why is it that you can say something over and over, but until it is his idea it has no significance?)  But, due to the ease of online shopping, nobody carries such big items in stock anymore.  So, we ordered it online and it will be here in 7-10 days.  Then we headed home for a nap, then a fast dinner and we went to the movie theater to see Cars2.

 It was AWESOME!!  I had free movie tickets from cereal purchases that expired by the end of the month, plus I bought the awesome Fandango deal, so we all got to go to the movie and get popcorn and a pop and it cost $11 total.  So fun!  I love the stage we are at because everyone is so easy to take places.  We are lucky to have such good boys!

Other fun things we did this week: 
Monday - colt's bday
Tuesday - story time at McDonalds, KidsBowlFree after daddy got home from work
Wed - Free movie at the theater - Despicable Me.  Then swimming at a friends house (full size pool)
Thurs - picked cherries at a friends house, then rode bikes to the library to see the Pacific Science Center displays.  Fun hands-on activities.  That night Dave and I went to Ward Temple Night
Fri - cleaned the house.  Had a friend over in the afternoon to play.  Turned a movie on for the boys and had grown-ups over for a game night.  (it is fun to get together with friends we don't see often enough!)
Saturday - see above
Sunday- friends over for dinner, more friends for dessert, and the Home Teacher came during that too.  Dave taught a lesson in EQ - not his favorite thing to do, but he succeeded.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Colt!

I have decided that we will have formal "birthday parties" when the kids turn even ages, and since 5 is an odd, this year we didn't do a party.  But Colt wanted to have a buggy day, so we did our best to make it so.  He had a friend over because his mom needed him to play somewhere while she had the movers come over, and Colty chose to have Bronx come too.  They had worms, bug blood, and crispy butterfly wings for lunch, washed down with bug juice.

Then we invited some of the neighbor kids over to play outside in the water on one of the first summer feeling days this summer.
 We did the slip n slide, ran through the sprinklers, and played in the pool and sandbox.
  Everyone got to use candy and make a bug on a cupcake.
 We played with water balloons
When Daddy got home went went to IHOP for dinner, cuz Kids Eat Free! and everyone eats pancakes so well!!  Then we headed to the bowling alley, but it was closed for some reason.  So, we went home and opened presents (a Dr. kit, new crocks, a Leap Frog movie from Gma Mills, Scripture Scouts from Gma Peterson, and a tee ball stand and ball and bat)

why is this picture sideways?  I love the expression though!
And of course, the Rollie Pollie cake!

I was one Sunny Buggy Birthday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

In Primary Colty filled out a fact sheet about his dad.  It goes like this:
My daddy's name is Dave.  He is 15 years old, 10 feet tall, and weighs 50 pounds.  His favorite food is breakfast cake with sausage.  ( a new recipe we tried today and it was yummy.)  My daddy is really good at going down the driveway on his bike.  He loves to spank my mommy.  My favorite thing to do with him is play legos.  I'm just like my dad because I act like him.  What I love most about my daddy is he plays legos with me.  It makes Dad happy when I hug him.  Love, Colt.

 (Did you notice how thin his cheeks are...that is right, 30 lbs lighter than he was 3 months ago!) 

And now for a little Father's Day dancing!
We sure are lucky to have the best Daddy in the whole wide world!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

School's Out - Hurray!

I don't know who was more excited for school to end and our schedule to become more laid back---me or Tanner.  We have loved the last week of sleeping in, doing whatever we want, and not running on such a schedule.  A few of the fun things we did our first week out of school...

Ridden bikes and scooters.  Tanner decided he wanted to try to ride without training wheels.  He did awesome, but likes the security of his training wheels.

 Braden loving Pepper.  He is also really good at his "gooter".

 We found a really cool Splash Park in Richland.  We did that on the last day of school.  Sadly, the weather really hasn't been warm enough to do much in the water. It has been a really weird summer.

We also went to story time with Ronald McDonald, Summer Reading Party at the library, played with friends, cleaned our house (the fun way - says Tanner) played in our pool, and played with each other.  We have read lots of books, the boys went to work with Daddy both Saturdays, and we have just had the best time.  I love summer!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we took a day trip with a few families from the ward to Palouse Falls.  There were TONS of people there, and the parking was insane, but the day was beautiful and the food was plentiful.  We had a picnic lunch and enjoyed each others company, then we went to the river down below by the fish hatchery and played in the water. 

Some of the families had canoes and we had a good time taking turns going on rides.  Except Dave cuz he is a wanny. 

 The best part of the day was that we got to take Daddy's new truck on our trip because he had to stop at the farm and check on some things. It is nice to have a truck we all fit into. And as Brady says, "Daddy truck cool!"