Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday party!

Since Tanner turned 6 I told him he could invite 6 friends to his birthday.  He gets invites all the time to parties for his friends at school, but I told him that I thought he had enough friends whose moms I know that I thought he should just stick with 6 of those friends.  So, he made his list, I made his invite, and we were set....until he got sick.  Then we just called his 6 friends and pushed the party back one day.  It was perfect.
When the kids arrived I explained to them that the autobots were the good guys and decepticons were the bad guys.  We are the autobots and we work together as a team.  In order to stop the decepticons we needed to bomb them.  We went outside where pics of the decepticons were attached to the fence and the kids used water balloons to destroy them.

 Then, the decepticons planted mines in the desert and the autobots needed to unbury and consume the mines before they were found by humans.  So, they went to the sandbox and unburied the fruit snacks and gobbled them up.

While they were finding the mines, the decepticons stole energy crystals and mixed them in rocks. They need to be found so the autobots have the energy then need. So, they kids put their hand in soapy water and felt around to find the crystals among the rocks.

 All the autobots were infected with a rust eating disease.  They had to hurry and drink the anti-rust potion to keep from being destroyed!
Once the decepticons were defeated, Optimus Prime yells out:  "Autobots, transform and roll out!"  So, the kids sat at the table and colored wooden cars that they would transform into.  They loved it.

Then we opened presents:

Reed Anderson - transformer car

Blake Linde - sandbox toys

Ashlee Linde - pokemon cards

Bronx Webb - Cars games & puzzle

Izzy Goates - make your own sock puppets

Joe Peterson - pokemon card set

 Then cake and ice cream

The lovely decorations -

It was so much fun for everyone!  Happy Birthday Tanner!

A family birthday party

By the evening of Tanner's birthday he was feeling much better, and couldn't wait for daddy to come home so he could open his presents.

still looking a bit sickly though...

Leapfrog Math Circus from Granpa & Grandma Mills

Scripture Scouts to listen to at bed time from Grandpa & Grandma Peterson

CTR ring from Mom & Dad

new bike from Mom & Dad
We made crocodile cupcakes to take to his class.  Daddy took time off and came to the school to have lunch with him and brought Carls Jr chicken.  It was a fun treat at school!
Mrs. Lybeck has the kids come to the front of the class and say what they want for their birthday. He was Tanner's list: 

Tanner was disappointed that the didn't get an Ipad for his birthday, but we tried to tell him from the start that they are too expensive.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 6 Birthday!

Well, the worst thing that could happen to a little boy has happened....Tanner is sick on his birthday.  We had all these great plans, then he came home with a fever after school yesterday. When I picked him up he looked so tired.  I said, "Tan, what is wrong?"  He replied, "nothing.  I am just so excited for my birthday."  If only you could have heard his monotone voice.  No excitement in there.  Then he came home and fell right asleep on the couch.  And that is pretty much where he has stayed.  So, super fun birthday party has been changed to Friday, and I emailed his teacher and we will take our treat on Friday instead.  Dave is going to take lunch to Tanner too, so that will happen Friday as well.  Bummer indeed!

 Only Braden and I enjoyed our traditional waffles and ice cream breakfast.  Tanner thought that is what he wanted, but after one bite he said, "I think I just want to lay down again."

So, I guess today will be a movie day.  Hopefully everyone will be ready for celebrations tomorrow.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It was a WINDY and blustery day on Easter Sunday, so we did our festivities in the house.  The boys were so excited that it was like punishment that they had to wait to get out of the bath before they could have their egg hunt.  Everyone was a little disappointed that they didn't get to see the Bunny come, but that is how it goes.  Tanner and Colt got new Sunday shirts, a butterfly garden, and a puzzle.  Brady got a Buzz Lightyear buddy and blanket, and all three got new money saving banks with slots for tithing, mission, and fun money.

Then we had a discussion of what Easter really means.  Tanner is so smart, and he would fill in all the details I didn't think they would need to that the guards fell asleep while guarding the tomb and such.    Church was lovely.  Then after church we had 2 families come over for Easter Dinner.  It was so yummy and fun to visit.

I feel so grateful that I know that My Redeemer Lives.  What a blessing to celebrate His life, instead of focusing on His death.  I am so grateful that He loved me enough to make the sacrifice to suffer and give up His life, so that the we can all have the opportunity to Live Again.

One of my favorite Easter stories is about a little boy named Jeremy.  You can read it here.  I know the tomb was empty because He was Risen from the Dead, just like he said he would!

Weekend busyness

The weekend before Easter was BEAUTIFUL!!!  We had 70 degree weather on Saturday and got LOTS done in our yard....much needed and awaited!

Dave poured a new concrete pad to our patio on Friday.  It extended it another 9 feet, which is awesome. 

I stain painted our fence, first with a roller, than was convinced to use the neighbors sprayer.  It sure does a faster and better job.  I am so happy with how it looks.

Dave got sand in the sandbox, and now we have the 3 happiest boys in Washington, and the dirtiest kitchen floor.  Gotta love sand.

The weekend before that Dave got our bikes all ready to ride.  He had a bunch of flats to fix, and adjust seats and such.  Tanner's bike has issues, so he doesn't like to ride it.  Maybe he will get a new one for his birthday.

Braden is pretty excited to be as big as his brothers.  If only he could figure out how to pedal...

Monday, April 11, 2011

And here we have Idaho....

A trip to Sugar City was a must.  I haven't been to our house in a while, and I have never met our renters.  Plus, there are so many people we love, it just had to happen. 

Our first stop was in Idaho Falls at The Legacy Network.  Why not?  Then to Arctic Circle for lunch with our favorite Sister Rose.  We miss her since she has moved, and it was nice to sit and visit over Ranch Burgers while the kids played.  Then we headed to Sugar City.  (Although the boys have city and state confused and were sure we were in Sugar City all along.) 

We stopped at Bollars first, to see Colty's long lost love, Emmie.  They played and we visited.  Then we went to Kinghorns.  Again, the kids played and Debbi I caught up.  Then to Taylors.  We stayed for a while, then Jennifer and I went to see Grandma Sonderegger and meet with my renters.  It was nice to do both.  The house looks great.  Holly was very nice and keeps a clean home from what I can tell.  They are really hoping to buy the house, and so are we!  Wouldn't that just be wonderful!?! 

The evening was spent at Taylors with pizza for dinner, then a ladies night with some of my favorite people.  I just love getting together with people I adore!   I really miss the people in Sugar City.  The weather on the other hand, is something I don't miss.  And, yes, it is snowing on our Spring Break.

 The boys had a fun sleepover on the floor.  There is just something about sleeping bags that make everything just a little more adventurous!
 Saturday morning we got up and Jen and I were headed to Zumba.  We picked up Cami at her apartment, then were sadly dissappointed that there was no zumba to be found. They must have cancelled for Spring Break, or maybe graduation.  So, we went back to Taylors and did Just Dance on the Wii.  Then the boys decided to make snowmen, so we enjoyed their creativity. 

 There ended up being a whole family of them, six in total.  I was so impressed that these little boys could do it all by themselves. 
The sun came out and when we left just after noon there was nothing left on the grass except the pile where the snow family met their final destuction - the feet of 3 little boys.  (Boys = contruct and destroy).

Braden loved the horse at both Bollars and at Taylors.  Maybe he will get one for Christmas.  He is definately our little cowboy!

We drove to Blackfoot Saturday afternoon to make a quick stop at G Grandma Peterson's.  I was sad we didn't spend more time there, but I promised that next time we would stay longer.  I was exhausted from all the fun and decided I better catch up with my sisters in Pocatello so they would ride with me and keep me awake.  Cousin Brooke got married on Saturday so the family was all together for the wedding, and we were all headed to Rupert for the reception.  So, I zipped to Pocatello, gathered my additional passengers, and we went to Grammy and Grandad's house.   It was fun again to see my family, and Aunt Susan too. 

The reception that night was very nice.  It is always fun to visit with cousins and other "long lost loved ones".  The Poteet cousins are all married off now, so hopefully my siblings with get their acts together and be next in line!!

Sunday morning we got up and after breakfast headed home to Washington.  It is supposed to be a 7 hour trip, and I am so pleased to say that it only took 7 1/2 hours.  We did have to stop for 2 potty breaks and gas.  We got home just after our Daddy from church.  The roads were clear the whole way, the sun was shining when we got home, and dinner was ready to eat.  What a great day!!
We had the funnest Spring Break!  We sure packed a whole lot of fun into 10 days!