Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had the best Christmas ever! 

Christmas Eve consisted of buying new dressers for our Christmas from our parents and grandparents (thanks so much!!) and then the boys planted a tree in the backyard,

then we drove over to Senske and watched the light display to music, then had lasgna dinner, saw elves peeking in the window, and then family time.  We sang songs, played pass the orange (with your chin), did the nativity story with puppets, and talked about Jesus, then sang more songs.  The boys went to bed quickly, and then we had fun helping Santa get his stuff down the chimney and all set out. 
Christmas morning is the best.  The boys slept in until 7:45 when Colty woke up and got in bed with me, and after a few minutes I reminded him it was Christmas, so we woke everyone else up!  (I love that we don't get up so early.  After all - Christmas lasts all day, why rush it!!)  The boys were so excited!

Santa came alright!  Colty was most excited to see if Santa ate his cookies and drank his chocolate milk!

Santa stepped right in the pile of flour left on the floor. We got him!

The first dumping of the stocking is where the magic of Christmas begins!

The boys made a haul. We all did, really. It was so fun to have Christmas in our home, and to have everyone here.

Then, the boys played with their toys the rest of the day.

Grandpa is the best sport.  He and Braden played "Eat" for at least an hour.  They ate every pretend food you can imagine, even adding salt to their ice cream.  Braden loves Grandpa better than anyone, no wonder!

I think Auntie was more excited about some of the toys than the boys were!
We also rode scooters, played dominoes, danced with the Wii and of course ate WAY too much food, but isn't that the holidays are all about!?!

Happy 400 Birthday!

Dec 23rd was the first year for me to have my 29th birthday!  (The first of many, I am sure!)  That morning Colty was asked how old his mom is, and he replied, "I don't know, like 400!?"  And, so, now you know.

It was a very fun day.  The boys, (Dad, Mitch, Dave, Tan, Colt, and Brady) went to the Farm to check it out, and the girls, (Mom, Kate, Manda, and Cami) went to the mall.  It was fun to spend time together.  We spent the day running errands, napping, and enjoying each other, then that night went to the Old Country buffet for dinner, (only because everywhere else had too long of a wait).  Then home for a party with presents, cake, and ice cream.

It was a fun day.  I sometimes dread my birthday because it is so close to Christmas and it is so easily forgotten, but I was definately loved.  I received many texts, calls, and visits by those that love me.  Thank you! 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Frosty the Snowman

Again, it snowed! It has kind of been fun to have snow, especially cuz we really haven't expected it. It snowed a heavy snow last night, which made AWESOME snowman snow this morning.
Gathering eyes
Braden kept going into the road to shovel.

Making a body

Rolling a base

Singing "Frosty the Snowman!!!"

Daddy didn't know his own strength, and the snowman busted into 3 pieces

Aren't they cute!!!

Ho Ho Ho!

At the ward Christmas party our favorite guy was there.  The boys were fine to sit on his lap, except for Colt.  For whatever reason the jolly old fellow makes Colty nervous.  Tanner told Santa he wants the yellow train on Thomas and Sideswipe, Colty would tell him, so I told Santa that he would like Harold (from Thomas) and Braden wants trains.

We had Tanner and Colty sit down and write an "official" letter to Santa, and here they are:

We just can't wait for Christmas!!!