Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Sabree

Sabree has never been a singer.  In fact, most of the time when I am humming or singing she says "Shhh" to me.  But for her birthday she decided to sing.  And she has been singing "Birthday to you, Braden" all day long.  We keep telling her that it is Happy Birthday to Sabree, but she insists she sing to Braden.  It is adorable.

June 4 was a busy day as all 3 boys had baseball games, so we decided to celebrate a birthday on the next day.  We had Sabree's favorite people, the Strattons, over for hot dogs and cake.  The kids played and had  a wonderful time and we loved visiting with Ash and Ned.  Sabree especially LOVES Ashley.

We had a very perfect "puple kitty kitty kitty" cake for a girl obsessed with cats and the color purple.  She got a purple train to play on the tracks with her brothers, some jewelry and a crown, a new plastic pool, and the best baby doll that laughs, and coos, and cries, and blinks her eyes, and sucks her bottle, and snores.  Sabree loves it!  (Grandma Mills wins the gift prize AGAIN!)

We can't believe our little girl is already 2.  There has never been another little girl that is as loved and coddled, and taken care of by her brothers as much as Bree Bree.  And boy does she love them.

We have been working on potty training this week too.  Some days are really great, other days not so great.  The weekend is gonna be rough, but we'll work hard again on Monday.  She is so close.....and yet so far away.  :)

Sabree calls Braden "my Braden Braden", Colton is "Colty Bolty Bolty", Tanner is "Tanny".  She loves animals and the neighbors have a dog named Mack so she calls all dogs "No Mack".  She is very very girl and must have a pink cup every time she gets a drink, or a "Bree Bree bowl" or fork or whatever which generally means a colored one if not pink or purple.  She loves to have pretties in her hair and really wants to wear mom's makeup and lip gloss.  She carries her bag every where we go like a purse.  She has a serious sweet tooth and loves treats and candy.  Right now everything is purple.  She loves purple rocks, and purple treats, and purple flowers, and purple dishes, and purple popcicles.  Sometimes when she says purple she really means purple, but a lot of the time it just means colored.  She insists on picking her own outfits most days.   She is obsessed with Grandpa Peterson and points out people that look like him everywhere we go or on tv or in books.  (Generally it is someone that is balding or wearing glasses.  Especially Pres. Eyring!)  And every time the phone rings she yells out that is is Grandpa calling.  She loves to talk on the "phone" and will use anything that is similar in shape and size to the phone and hold it to her her and talk to grandpa.  And she LOVES babies.  She points out every "cute baby" in the store, at church, in books, at parks, etc.  And she is the first to let everyone know that the "baby cry".  She loves her baby dolls and we change their diapers and rock them and shhh them and feed them and she makes fake crying noises for them when her "baby cry".

We sure love our sweet, spunky, crazy, little Bree Bree!